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OMG I'm freezing....

It's a lovely sunny day here but it's 3 degrees outside.
I work in a castle which I've never found to be the warmest place to work anyway - too many draughty windows - but I have never been this cold here before. My mouse hand is like a block of ice as is my nose! I have an electric radiator under my desk so my toes and legs are warmish but it isn't reaching my top half!!!!
I think I need to bring back some gloves and maybe a hottie bottle after lunch ...and constantly nurse a cup of tea while dreaming of lying on a nice hot beach when I'm skinny :D
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I know what you mean Looby - its only 2 degrees here at the moment, and my PA has just told me it could get down to minus 5 here tonight!!!

I am not used to this feeling the cold malarky - I have always been a warm girl - its definately time for the steaming cups of coffee, soups and porridges :)

I'm freezing too! Luckily I work at home most Mondays so i have put the heating on. :D

You need to get to the DRs about your hand though Looby ~ you have a mouse's hand????!!! :eek: xx :p


Is back in the saddle!
Look on the bright side, you're burning fat keeping warm!!!
thanks Foxtrot - will try and keep that in mind as my teeth chatter!!
I never even used to wear gloves but boy will I be on the look out for thermals if the forecast snow arrives this week! I love winter, especially walks with the dogs if I'm all bundled up ....just hate the sitting still at work ......


Making it all add up
LOL - I know what you mean, ketosis is a #### for feeling the cold.

It does get a little better when you finish but having lost weight I feel cold like never before, I need heating on all the time & it used to be me opening windows & turning air-con down. My wife thinks it's just deserts...


Playing the Angel
Enjoy the wonderful skinny, freezing life ahead of you. Lol I suffered from the cold enough - being a warm blooded Southern Hemisphere type, but now I really really feel the cold badly. Invest in some thermals they really help!



Playing the Angel
Looby, been meaning to ask, which Castle do you work in you lucky thing!! Lol though if they are anything like the ones I work in occasionally thye are damn freezing



Gotta Make A Change
im cold all the time now hands, feet brrrrrr cold
Hi Jez
it's called Rossend Castle - on the north coast of the Firth of Forth. I have a north & west facing room so no sun at this time of the year!
It's even colder today but I have a thermal vest and socks on and I brought gloves and a scarf!!!!


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Poor thing Caza, take it easy.
HELP ME I AM FREEZING! Not even thermals are cutting it - please tell me it won't get worse than this!!!
Thankfully not so cold today ...and also I bought a long sleeved thermal t shirt and scks which are helping big time!!!!
Jez - I'm a partner in an architectural practice.
If you are interested www.hurdrolland.co.uk
p.s. I'm the only female partner so I'm easy to find!!! my photo is about 5 years old as I have point blank refused to have another taken .....maybe in the new year I'll change my mind!!!!


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lol spannerwanner :D
thanks Jez, what a lovely thing to say
Loobylou just wait when you are at target you will be wrestling them to get in front of the camera! On a slightly different yet similar theme, my facebook photo is an old one, I haven't updated it yet, I plan to when I am at target for maximum impact lol - and I will write in the status "is skinny" ;)

Peony - amazing pics. You're gorgeous and have fantastic legs!

Loobylew - I am permanently freezing cold at the mo. I drove north through the blizzards late last night, 30mph past Dunkeld and over Drumochter. Not pleasant in the dark when you can't see where the edges of the road are. But absolutely beautiful at the same time.

I was scared I was going to get stuck or have an accident and be stuck in the cold overnight. Must put that sleeping bag in the car just in case. I would be hypothermic in minutes if it wasn't for the car heater.

Brrrrr xxx

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