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My gene pool is one very scary thing....

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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lol - I just got the whackiest email from my birth-mom. (For those that don't know, I was adopted. ) When I was 33 I met my Birth mom....and let's just say, my life has never been the same since.

You know how TV shows, like sitcoms always have a character thats a real character....lovely and likelable but crazy as a loon? Well. That's Linda.

(For starters - for 33 years, she had my birthday wrong - thought it was the 13th, not the 12th!! I mean - she was there, wasn't she?? :D :D :D)

ANyway - I just go t a random email, and i am sitting here in fits of both laughter and fright - thinking, could this be my future too?

I thuoght I would share.... might help anyone out there who is feeling a bit on the edge realise, no, they are perfectly normal!!! :rotflmao: It's long - but worth it. :D


Hi to you.......are you the person that is getting older......I think this month.....on the 10th.....no, the 11th.....no, on the 12th, or is it the 13th......or, I know it is the 14th or 15th, or maybe the 16th.....Oh I don't know for sure, but I do know it is April!!!!! Right? Ooops! I know now, I just remembered it is May, or maybe June. Darn it! I really thought I knew. If you had asked me ten minutes ago, I could have answered right away.

Sorry Janet Gwen!! Or is that Janet Jen? Janet Hen? I know it reminds me of someone else's name. I know. Sean Penn! It's Janet Penn!!!!!! at last, finally. Duh! Ooops! I beg your pardon, you must think I am an idiot (Like "What and idiot!") I know your name now, I finally figured it out Sean Lynn. What a fool I am. I must be really loosing it. Any way, Happy Anniversary to you on your 20th.....how long have you been married to Chad?

His name is easy for me because I just think of "bad" and it comes right to my mind. For some stupid reason, I used to think of "jazz" to remember his name, now tell me, how in the world could I have thought that that rhymed with Chad. I have to go now, because I do have a wife....I mean life. Bye, until we meet again.........I just said that because I have never gotten to say that to any one before.

Why? you ask. I just never thought of it before. I usually just say bye, maybe sometimes bye bye, but if I'm with the person, I usually will say ta ta, or toodle ooh.

Don't ask me why! I am a very deep person and these thoughts just spring up....out of nowhere if you can believe it. They amaze me too, as if, like, there is another person in there.

Wow, this is really odd. Now that I've actually put that thought into words, it makes me remember that sometimes I do hear a little "knock, knock " in there, and then I always hear a little scurrying sound. Could there possibly be such a thing as little tiny mice that live in our brains. Remember, I did say that I was very deep,

Hurry Hurry, Scurry Scurry,
I feel something very furry.
Scratchy little feet,
scratchy little toes,
peeking out my eyes,
then hiding in my nose.
I keep an old skillet,
lying by my bed,
when it gets too much for me,
I bang it on my head.
A blessed kind of peacefulness,
settles in my brain
but in the dark, I hear a sound
I'ts starting up again.
Squeek, squeek, squeek
I know I'll hear it all night long
Pitter, patter go their feet.
tapping out a song.
I can't go through this anymore
I'll bang my head against the door,
and when my head is cracked in two,
they'll scurry out and come to you.

Kackle, Kackle, Gruesome laugh, Gruesome laugh, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, a hysterical laugh that won't stop. Have a good night! Linda, or is it

BANG˝! BANG! BANG! Help....someone just hit me with a skillet. Helpppppppppp


And there you have it! My gene pool - from where I have sprung.

SOmedays, it explains so very much.

Others, it sends a shiver down my spine!! :rotflmao: :D :D
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mmmmm....could explain a lot ;)

daisy x


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Blimey, she's crackers!!! :D


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I think that is the greatest email i have ever read in my life!


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OMG BL that is absolutely priceless! x


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hahahaha...bless her. What drugs is she on??
xx ;-)

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
hahahaa SO glad you all appreciate the humour of this!! (And the fear!! :D)

LS - LOVE the picture - quite apt actually - we took to each other like ducks to water!! I have piles of tales of our antics!!!

AJ - I'll have some too!! :D


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Absolute Class

Thanks for sharing


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You may already have some BL!!! Great poem too!


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Priceless. Thanks for making me smile today. I needed it! :D


...we're sinking deeper.
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She sounds like she should be a member of my family ... I just hope she doesn't (and I'm 100% serious about this) doesn't jump around on one leg and quack loudly/ or do gorila sounds in public like my father. And don't get me wrong, my father has an IQ of about 200. He's just nuts, and all the rest of us are very loopy too ...

In a strange way I do see a bit of awkwardness, and not quite knowing what to say in the e-mail. Rambling nonsense is always better than nothing at all. :) I liked it lots, I hope she is just as bubbly in real life.


Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
In a strange way I do see a bit of awkwardness, and not quite knowing what to say in the e-mail. Rambling nonsense is always better than nothing at all. :) I liked it lots, I hope she is just as bubbly in real life.

lol, no - there is nothing awkward at all - that is just sheerly for entertainment value. :D SHe's like that. Probably too much coffee. lol

If I could somehow get the 8-message long impromptu song she sang to my on my answer machine about riding motorcycles - that I have saved for 2 years - I would.

Trust me. Ther is not an awkward bone in her body! Never has been, never will be!!! :D :D :D

(we have been known to race ducks on paddles down high streets making quaking sounds, actually. :D)

And yes - she is as bubbly, if not more, in life. SHe is like hanging out with a cartoon character. :D


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Good grief!!

I'm a social worker and do a lot of adoption work - including letters going between birth parents and adopted children. Think your's wins hands down tho!!

Kill it with a skillet

I think she's banged herself on the head with the skillet one too many times!!~THANK GOD you were adopted.
Kooky, scary and funny - reminds me of ............... only joking.
I could tell you some scary things about my family - another time!:D:D:D:D

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