OMG I'm now a counsellor!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I can't believe it!!

I was waiting for Cambridge to call me and emailed them just checking that my accrediation papers had arrived and I've just had a reply with my counsellor number and arrangements for my business pack to be sent out.

I'm so excited, thought I'd share my news!!

H x
Congratulations!! I can't wait to become one myself.. I just asked my own counsellor to sponsor me :)
Congratulations xx
Excellent news......Congratulations!!! :D
Thanks for all the good luck messages.

Loopy I attended my course last Thursday in Blackpool and submitted my accredition papers on Monday, I emailed them today just checking if they had received them and then I received a response back to say I had passed and I was given my counsellor number.

I can't wait to receive my business pack and get going!

H x
Congratulations and welcome on board!

Feel free to contact me, if you email me we can exchange phone numbers, as we're not too far away from each other and can support each other.

Just coming to the end of my first week and I've got 6 lovely clients already. You will be busy!

congratulations thinwithin, Me and my hubby got our email last night saying we had passed, we put our order in this morning and can't wait for the business kit and our supply to come tomorrow.

I thought the day in Blackpool was great, lots to take in but we really enjoyed it and it was lovely to put a face to your name. we wish you well and hope you are nice and busy.


Congratulations and well done you will make a wonderful Counsellor Debbie!!!
Hi Debbie,

I know any client who goes to you will be very lucky:)

As you have been through the process and know the ups and downs and it does make such a difference when you talk to someone who has been through the diet themselves as I feel there is a deeper empathy and understanding.

This diet is transformational for sure:) :) :)

Exciting times:D

Love Mini xxx
Well done both of you on becoming Counsellors!!
Fantastic news! Well dont to both of you, I have 3 stones to go and I have been thinking about it too, CDC's are very thin on the ground near me so Im giving it a lot of thought x