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OMG something is going down over the road


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Sorry guys, I know this is a LT forum, but yesterday 3 cop vans with went into the house over the road...with white gear on and gloves etc etc. Now today they are at the house next door...they've just checked his car with a fine tooth comb (so to speak). About a week ago there was blood from one end of the street to the other...you are talking enough blood that someone must have died...its not possible to live and lose all that blood, now the police are in the neighbours.

Can you imagine me...the curtains are twitching twitching twitching. Owww another car full of bobbies has just pulled up. I'm off to nosy (discreetly).
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Ooh its like CSI Manchester:D
We never have any proper dramatics, just teenage chav couples drunkenly crying in the road, old people with twitchy nets and the fake orgasmic couple across the road!:D


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I was hoping the blood was an animals (sorry animal lovers, but its better then the alternative)....it might not be related, but something is going on.

I don't live in a rough area......honest! I like the neighbours so hopefully its nothing to do with them. They are in the garage now searching away. They are looking for something arn't they!!

Back to see whats happening.


weighs a lot less
stop the net twitching and get outside lol ,someone must know whats going on !!


weighs a lot less
sooo many posibilities a chinese couple near my house had a cannibis farm in their attic x


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sooo many posibilities a chinese couple near my house had a cannibis farm in their attic x
OMG they are chinese....I'm NOT JOKING!!!
ooh good idea, Im sure he would love a break and a cuppa would do the trick... do you have any truth serum in your cupboards you could slip it into the tea and get him to tell all whats going on!!;)
any more info yet shazpaz????


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The spent ages in there. About 10 coppers have just come out of the house with a battering ram in hand...for the front door, but they didn't have to use it. They had a dog in there....I'm thinking Lil might be right drugs.

Maybe the blood in the street is nothing to do with it. LOL. I'd be rubbish on CSI (obviously I know its not real, but you know what I mean!!).

I can't ask...I'm too shy. My other neighbour will find out and give me all the details I'm sure.

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