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OMG this is gross

I suffer with boils...

and on my tummy about a month ago a boil started forming, i squuezed it but nothing came out it was like i squeezed it internally...

i went to the doctors they gave me fluxacillin antibiotics as usual for 2 weeks...

i didnt bother getting them cus it wernt that bad..!! BUT now its still an inside out boil but its all red around and very sore and itchy, so i got my prescription from boots and just started taking my antibiotics!!

anyone else had this?

roll on next weekend back in leic :)
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hmm..i was hoping that someone had replied to this as my partner has these on the top of her leg..oh well ill just keep popping back...i hope someone comes along soon for you...x
oh nooo mee too... :(

got a horrid one under my boob, and i still on my antibiotics.. its horrid cant even wear a bra it hurts and i can fit a t cup over it :(

sorry to sound gross.... what does the doc do for you partner?


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My DP gets them in his crotch. Sometimes they flare up worse than others, then they break & seep - sorry tmi. He uses antibiotics to prevent infection & some cream or other, sorry cant remember the name. He was told though if they kept re-ocurring in the same spot with no improvement he would have to have them lanced. Thankfully he's been ok this past 6 or 8 weeks but he had them constantly for the best part of 2 years & it took him most of that time to get round to seeing a doctor about it :rolleyes: despite him having to walk like John Wayne


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I get them on my boob, only on the right one, in the same place every time. I generally put a hot cloth, soaked in epsom salts on it, it draws them out.
remember when i got them tops of my legs i really could not walk it was massive like a babys head (not kidding) ... i felt so ill, doc had to come out to me all he did was give me antibiotics told me to le t it go on its own? wtf ? i was so sick, my friend was putting hot flannel on it and then ewe .... i have the scar there now.. was the biggest thing ever!

i been tested for diabeties am fine.. so i dont know why i am getting them? i also use hibbi scrub just incase i am a carrier? think i am immune to antibiotics now, fair doos the one on my belly is clearing up, s till lumpy but this one under my boob ha s gotton worse, and one on my side now :(

and the one on my boob is allways in the same place too, not as if i have big boobs either they pan cakes ? never as big as this though! i can see some black dots in it? so perhaps its hair follicles ingrowing?

when its not so sore i am going to lance it myself..

I suffered from this some years ago, even went to the point of seeing 2 different specialists about it....the last one told me that it's just one of those things and I would just have to accept it! If it's the same as what I had, it's basically where hair folicles get infected. I used to suffer under my breasts, round my bikini line and on my bum - basically the places that didn't get much air and would get hot sometimes.

However, I did find an antibiotic cream that a doctor gave to treat them when they actually appeared really helped, I'll try and find out what the name of it was.... also and it's a bit of a weird one really, original source do a shower gel with tea tree oil and lime and for some bizarre reason this really cleared it up (don't know if that was just for me though.....the specialist told me there is no cure and different things work for different people)....also trying to keep the effected area as clean as possible really helped too...once they started to clear up...they never really came back and I spent a good 5 years trying to find a cure for them! I've continued to use the shower gel ever since and it seems to have kept them at bay!

I saw a program once that suggested electrolysis too....but never gave it a go (soo expensive).

I know they are horrible and they make you feel dirty, I really hope you find something that works!
I used to get them many years ago, mainly under my left armpit but sometimes around my left boob, shoulder or neck. They were huge and very painful so I know exactly what you're going through. I had them lanced and packed many times (one on xmas day!) and had all sorts of antibiotics. Eventually I had a lymph gland removed in my armpit which was the source of the infection apparently. The operation was done under a local anaesthetic and I had to keep my left arm still as much as possible until the wound healed completely (about 3 months I think) but didn't have any more trouble after that. Get your GP to refer you to a specialist to find out the cause.

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