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OMG.... Totally messed up!

I have totally screwed up!:cry:

Had been doing so well but had a really bad week TOM and work not great. I cam home tonight and ate an entire pizza from pizza hut, potato wedges and a 6 pack of crisps.

So annoyed with myself not to mention the fact I really feel ill now. Supposed to weigh tomorrow and i don't know if I should go or not!

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sorry to hear you've had a bad week..

but yes you should definitely go to your weigh in!! go along, find out the damage, then set about making up for it next week.. if you don't go it's very easy to get in the "oh well I can bury my head for a few days" and you'll find it harder to get back on track. much better just to own up, then draw a line under it and get your head back in the right place :)


is gonna do it!!
Draw a line under it and start again. Go for your weigh in and just carry on. Its not the end of the world. I've done similar and as long as you get straight back on track, you won't put any weight on.
Luv CharX

Deb G

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Go and weigh, face the consequences of your actions - then put it behind you! Remember how you felt afterwards (that bloated feeling and extreme guilt/disappointment) and remind yourself of it next time you're tempted.

At LL we learn to "fast forward 2 hours". Before you give in to temptation - fast forward to two hours ahead........will you be pleased with the decision you made, or will you feel upset and annoyed with yourself? REALLY think about experiencing those emotions.....THEN make your choice. At least then, any choice you make will be an informed choice and you know EXACTLY what the consequences of your choice will be.

Another method is HALT. Work out......am I Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? If you're hungry - then eat something (from within your programme). If it is any of the others, then how do you expect food to provide the answer when hunger clearly isn't the problem!

I've used both methods regularly throughout LL and now in RTM and found them to be VERY effective. I'm going through a separation now after 9 years together, and I use the HALT method alot to combat my emotional eating.

For example, if I've had a row with my OH, and I suddenly think "CHOCOLATE....NOW!" I ask myself if that chocolate will REALLY make me feel better? How will it solve the issue of the argument I've just had? Or will it just make me feel mad at myself for giving in to my emotions? I realise that hunger isn't the problem.... HE is the problem, and therefore eating will NOT help the matter at all. In fact, it will make me feel unhappy, annoyed and guilty......

...so I shuffle off and get myself into a hot, relaxing bath and think through how I'm going to deal with HIM!!
Thanks guys, today is a new day! Feeling much better today (although still very annoyed at myself).

Going to head off and get weighed straight after work and just hope I can fix this!!!!
Stick with it honey you'll be fine, today's a new page. Get weighed and move onto a new day.

Hope it all goes well for you Mhairi, I'm struggling a lot at the moment too. I had time off over easter for a wedding and although I've been SSing I've cheated with cheese and nuts and can't seem to just stay on the 3 shakes only. I've been doing more exercise though and I do feel hungry and tired. Must get my act together. Stick with it Mhairi
It takes an overeat of 3500 cals to put on a lb so i reckon you will be fine!
Just bite the bullet and go... it will only be water weight you see if anything so carry on as normal and you will def see the results next week if not this week.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Chin up Mhairi Lou,

Alot of us have been there but the important thing is to Forgive yourself and like others have said , turn it into a positive. Build up your resolve that it wont happen again and become more motivated.

Please come back and tell us how you got on :)
forget about it whats done is done. Dust yourself of and go to your weigh in. trust us you will feel even better for going. Drink plenty of water. When i had my 2blips they were both around totm so i no how you feel. Its soo annoying.

Hope your feeling better soon

becky x

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