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Hi everyone. Im joining a SW group tonight as iv tried doing it on my own at home but need the support.

Iv been on WW and feel starving, and with my mum passing away suddenly back in feb i went from not eating to eating loads.

Iv jus had an argument with my partner, saying u dont stick at anything u will never do it. U will not stick to it and lose weight.

And god that makes me want to prove him so wrong.

I showed him the success story or Leanne Needham on SW website with her fantastic loss of 7st 3lbs, and he said yeh she stuck to it you cant.

Its hard though im living at his parents house at the min and moving to mew home in 9weeks,cant wait. And his mum is doing WW and thinks SW doesnt work. And i said to him dont tell your mum im doing SW as i dont want the hassel.

Well i just cant wait to prove him wrong.

Sorry to go on i jus have no1 else to tell ,,

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hey sweetie.
Thats so unsupportive of your OH. But you can do it, no matter what anyone says, sw does work and they'l soon realise that.

*hugs* you'l do fab and i expect you'l really enjoy the plan, i garentee you wont be hungry!!!

good luck. xxxx
Go and prove them wrong hun, i tried WW and felt like torture by food restriction to me and it took me 6 weeks to loose 4lb. First week at SW i lost 5lb hadnt been hungry and felt like all i did was eat. SW works and how great will it be when your swishing around once youve reached target.


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Oh *hugs* to you!! That's so unsupportive of your OH!! I did... well, tried WW several times before I thought about trying SW. It was like torture, I was starving and always gave up after 2-3weeks, it's so hard. SW is. The easiest thing to do, and all I do is eat... and eat and eat. I've lost 21lbs in 11weeks (and a mere 5 from WW on top of that) and I don't feel like I'm dieting at all. I've had a few nights off plan and still lost.

You'll get so much support from group, and from here too. Everyone supports each other on Minimins it's fab. I always have a moan when I need one and there's always someone who knows what I'm on about!!

Good luck to you with SW, I think you'll love it. *hugs* again xxx
hes only saying that cos hes scared! he knows you can do it and is scared of all the attention you'll get when you lose the weight and feel fantastic! You girl girlfriend and you show the world what you can do!!! YOU CAN DO IT! :)


shrinking granny
You show him girl, it can be done.

He will be laughing at the other side of his face when he sees the weight come off.

good luck and remember we are always here

Mrs V

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Hun....huge hugs for you.
Your OH needs a swift kick up the bottom for not being supportive to you!
My Hubby was the same, so Im proving him wrong too! Now 6 stone 8lbs later and he's realised that I mean business and asks me for advice for him loosing weight too!
You can do this Hun.
Come on here, we will provide you with the support that you need.

Well done you!! You've taken the first step hun, go along, enjoy it and have a great SW first week.
There's a lot of info to take in, but the new EE plan is so straight forward and with the support of your consultant, your group and us lot on here, you'll be fine.
Your OH needs a kick! SW does work but the WW followers like your OH's mum will think that WW works, and for them it probably does but the upshot of it is, SW is the best!! You've made a good choice hun.
Good luck! xx
Thankyou every one, i no i can do it, but he makes me feel like i cant. i

I lost weight before on slimming pills and was like a size 12-14 and had loadsa men looking at me,( he was so jelous) lol

now im like a size 18 again and im going to do it.

Thanks for allyour kind wordsxx
I lost weight before on slimming pills and was like a size 12-14 and had loadsa men looking at me,( he was so jelous) lol

now im like a size 18 again and im going to do it.

^^ this would be why hes being so unsupportive then.

he's scared you'l get beautifully slim and get loads of attention..
nvm. Screw him, you can do it!!!!!! xxx
Hi Blondie,

Im really sorry to hear about the loss of your mum, sounds like you really need support :)

I think if you put your mind to it you can do anything so dont let other peoples opinions affect you, or try not to, its hard.

I did WW 2 years ago, I did in online for 14months & lost 7lb, how rubbish is that!!! :eek: Despite what your OH's mum says, WW in my opinion ins't better than SW, no having to count everything that passes your lips. All ways of eating are different for all types of people so unless you give it a go you''d never know. Im sure you''ll get on well. Keep us posted :) x
Your weight isnt far off what mine was, and iv currently lose 4 stone 8.5 lbs, its taken me a year and just under 2 months.. to give you a time scale. I expect that can seem like ages when you first start but the time flys and thats not long at all. I honestly think you can do it, it'l be hard with your lack of support at home.. but youv got us and you can do it, you clearly want it enough so, dont let anyone stop you darlin.. xxxx

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