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I Know!!!!!!

I've just commented on another one. Think we have at least 4 now, including my resurrected one from last year :)

Find? Search? Read posts......
Hear, hear !!!

Any way it confuses my pea sized brain trying to keep pace of them all.

The important thing is that the threads are read, these so obviously haven't been.
So. Anyone giving anything up for Lent then? :D :D :D

Minxie !!! How many times do I have to tell you, you are a wicked girlie !!! But you make me laugh .

Yeah. I'm giving up posting on here..........
LOL !!!!!

Welcome to my world ;)

And did you see how many pancake threads there were yesterday. At one point I was sure they were breeding.
LOL again.

Trouble is when you read most of the threads it gets quite confusing.
Its not even a case of not using the search facility at times people just don't even glance at the sub forum they're posting on. The first thread last night on the syn section was on pancakes and what happened someone started ANOTHER one asking how many syns were in the blasted things :mad: Honestly no wonder I drink

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry though when someone posted about 1.5 syn pancakes in the Exante section lol
this was intended to be a serious thread!! LOL!!
Starlight has sorted it for you Peachy so Minxie Madam has been sussed !!!!

Relax Jay !!!

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