1. Hiya..I've been half thinking about the idea for a while. Today though I've been out and about and have only had 2 packs as yet..I didn't feel like having my chicken earlier as I felt so full after my soup. So I'm going to miss my meal tonight and will have my third pack soon....BUT....

    I like the fact that 790 makes the diet more flexible especially for social occasions. I have a wedding coming up in 3 weeks time and am going to ask if I can have a chicken salad rather than whats on the menu....Obviously if I'm on SS I can't eat anything....SO....

    Do you think that I can SS but have a meal as in 790 when I feel the need??
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  3. Slimmingnix

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    Hi Tiara-Maker,

    I'am not sure about moving from 790 to SS - but I can tell you that my OH & I have decided to do SS, not to have AAM, but simply pin-point special days that we will eat.
    Our CDC is okay with this as we are making an effort to plan.

    So far between now & e/o March we have three "meals" planned.

    Valentines dinner (fish & veg)
    Wedding (3 weeks time too)
    my 30th Birthday

    someone once said, failing to plan is planning to fail. By planning these meals we are preparing ourselves.

    Also - we do know about the consequences of eating out of the AAM guidlines... ie having to go via ketosis again.

    Hopefully it will be okay
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  4. Hi thanks for that. You're thinking along the sames lines as I am....better to have AAM when it suits you... How do you feel that you will cope with the wedding?? I had contemplated saying that I couldn't make it to the wedding but only the evening so I wasn't faced with the meal...I decided though that I wasn't going to miss my friends wedding because I'm on a diet ( She doesn't know I'm on CD yet). I don't want to spoil my diet either though....How do you plan to cope?
  5. Slimmingnix

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    Hi TM,

    The wedding is going to be very difficult because not only is it the wedding day (ie meal), but my OH are flying to the area, staying in a posh hotel for two nights (special treat booked before we decided to start CD). So its the breakfast's too!

    I can only say that we will take some briks with us and a few bars... THEN attempt to make the right decisions when faced with meals.

    Even if we deviate, we will be back on track by the following monday and we will have to deal with the consequences and accept that we have sc*wed up and it will take us just that bit longer to achieve our goals and more difficult to get back onto SS.

    (I am very lucky that my O/H is on the diet with me and we can support eachother.)

    Fingers crossed....
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  6. I'm the same. My hubby is also on the diet. He keeps me on the straight and narrow! We were going to stay over too but have decided since we wont be drinking we'll just drive home. It's not that far for us. Maybe an hours drive. I was thinking, have a shake before we go...the a bar in the afternoon before the meal so we won't be as hungry. Then hopefully eat the right things at the meal and have third pack when we get home.....Great plans and all that but like you, if we don't get it quite right then I wont get too hung up on it...just get straight back on the diet and forget about it. Oh well good luck with yours...is yours on 3rd March too then??
  7. Slimmingnix

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    Yip, 3rd of March.. Really excited.

    1 more problem though. Hen night is this Saturday. I received the menu via email (we need to choose I meals in advance) and there are no salad options. Everything appears to be with cream, fried or risotto (serious carbs) even the veggies are "glazed" which I suspect will mean butter/sweet etc etc.

    Because of the obvious - O/H won't be with me to support me! I will have to make scary decisions all by myself! (hehe)

    Still - my stomach must be so small know after the shakes/bars etc for over a month, so hopefuly I can fill up on the "okay stuff" and then not worry about the other stuff.

    Fingers crossed!
  8. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    If I was you and you really don't want to go off plan (which by the sounds of it you don't:D ) then I would contact the restuarant in advance and ask them to make you something you can have ie. chicken/fish with salad or veg with no 'glaze' - this really shouldn't be a problem for them - tell them your allergic to butter/cream/dairy....:eek: or have an intolerance to wheat/pasta/rice..... and it will make you ill (OK a small white lie.... but then it'll make you put on weight and we don't want that do we...;) )..... Any good restuarant shouldn't have a problem with making something 'off menu' - especially as they should have salad veg in stock anyway......

    Have a great time......:D
  9. I couldn't go to my friends henny as I was working so I didn't have to make choices!! Good luck with yours and have fun!!

    I've decided to stick with 790. I've lost over a stone in 3 weeks with it and I find it SOOO easy...I don't want to spoil it! I think we're just into a routine with it now.
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