On a deadline!!!


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Hi all,

I joined Minimins on Sat, only getting around to saying a proper hello today.

On day 5 of Lipotrim today and coping ok. Thanks to all the great advice here, I tried my chocolate shake with mint tea - and it's delicious [whereas the choc shake by itself is a bit hard to take!]. Added ice cubes to the vanilla shake and it's fine too. And the strawberry is really nice by itself, so all in all going ok.

Reason for finally doing something about my weight ? ...... my little boy is 10 months old, and I'm terrified that someone will ask me is the next baby due shortly...It wouldn't be an unreasonable question since I do look around 7mths pregnant... so time to do something...

And I have a family wedding coming up in April, my DH's family is full of slender gorgeous women - so that's a serious motivator!

And the last straw - when I first weighed myself on Wii Fit - my little avatar literally expanded as I weighed myself - humiliated by a bit of software - God!!

Here's to those groovy weight loss tickers heading downwards !!!

Brgds :)
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Hya :welcome2: to the forum :D

Good luck with the weight loss! xx


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Hi Jellsbells

You sure have enough motivation with all that little lot going on with your DH's family, the wedding and just how you feel about yourself!

You are almost at Wk 1 Weigh In, and I wish you all the best!!


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Hi Jells bells welcome this is agreat place theres brilliant advice and if need be you can come on here and rant all your frustrations out keep us informed of your weigh ins they will really boost you xx


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Hello and welcome, good luck to you, your first week is nearly over, well done!!


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Happy days....

hi folks

Thank you for the lovely messages!

1st official weigh in is tomorrow morning, and I have to admit I've been cheating and having a sneaky hop on the scales, so I know I have reduced down a bit. But HAPPY DAYS, my jeans were looseish this morning - so I decided to brave my wardrobe - which has clothes in it that never ever see the light of day anymore. Tried on a jacket that hasn't fitted me in over 3 years - and it fits, and wonder of wonders - it actually closes and I could still breathe. Happy Happy Day!!!

So I was doing a little jig of happiness this morning - mad motivated I am!!!

Again thanks for the kind messages, and hope you're all doing well... I've loved reading peoples posts and replies, because it gave me the encouragement to start on LT

all the best


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Welcome and good luck, Jellsbells. You'll lose those 29lbs in no time. Look forward to seeing less of you.
Hope you have a great weigh in.