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On day 5, son's party this w/e - Help

Hi everyone,

Well I've made it through to day 5 and I have my first weigh in tomorrow (2 days early) which I am v nervous about. I just hope this is all worth it!

It's my son's 3rd birthday party this weekend and my parents are cooking a big meal. I'm not coming off the diet but I don't know what I can say as the whole family's going to be there and I really don't want to sit at the table around all that food but I don't want to look rude either. What should I do??
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Morning Katys!

You don't say if you are on SS or SS+, but what I would do would be to eat some chicken or some tuna and some green veg or salad and tell them you want to eat 'healthily' for the day. That way you would still effectively be on your diet and would feel a little better about 'eating' with your family.

Good luck whatever you decide to do :)
Thanks for the replies. Sorry I forgot to say I'm on SS+ meal. I always have my meal in the evening it didn't even occur to me I should have it at lunch instead! I have asked them to stick a chicken breast on for me and I'll have that with some salad. Also I just wanted to ask what happens if I was to have a slightly larger helping than 2-3 table spoons veg, would it take me out of ketosis?
I always go over my 'allowed' veg portion (I'm on SS+ too) and it's never kicked me out of ketosis, but I guess each person is different... can't see why it would kick you out though, I have about one or two tablespoons more than the 'recommended' with my dinner when I eat salad or veg.

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