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    Hello everyone, I am on day five and really struggling with the real food depravation. It amazes me how much food is talked about in daily conversation and on tv, even in stand-up comedy, but maybe I am just more sensitive about it. So far I have lost 4kgs and have been okay around cooking smells apart from fish and chip shops but I keep daydreaming about cheesy pizza even when I hardly ate it before. I don't feel hungry a such ie have a rumbling stomach, as I am not fantasizing about salads, but I am acutely aware of the psychological hole left by the absence of food. It makes me wonder what kind of life I had before as I am left with more free time, and must now watch films/read books/exist without munching on something. Can any of you advise on how to cope with the initial sense of psychological loss? Thanks and sorry if I am rambling.
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    You must keep your mind thinking I am doing this for a reason. Stick with it no pain no gain as they say. I'm only 5lbs of my target weight and its coming of slowly now but you will get there in the end. Just keep thinking I CAN AND WILL DO THIS . It's all sheer determination , good luck !!

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