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On it to win it...:D

Hiya and good luck

Are you doing 3 snacks, 2 shakes and 1 meal!

Just from your post didnt know if you were doing only the 3 shakes?

Speak soon x
Hiya!!! My day is goin gd been drinking lot of water I am on only 3 shakes...I am thinking to do this for 2 weeks my friend lost quite a lot of weight with this so hopefully I can manage it as well....
Do you just have 3 shakes in the day and that's it?

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Yh that's all like Cambridge diet I dnt knw I u guys have heard about it...i knw its not very healthy but i really wanna look gd for summer and have self confidence....ppl loose up to 10 lbs a week....
Awesome. I have slimfast in the cupboard so I'll try it for a week :). Can you eat fruit or is it just the shake?

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I âm gona try not to eat anything else but if i cnt do that think i can eat fruit...buy make süre you drink a lot of water like 8 glassas a day....wish U de best....
Omg its the second day of my mission and i feel great...i âm definatly on it to w?n it....:D hope i can do this...seriously i really wan it....
Everything is going gd hopefully I can do this another month then I'll have de perfect body and feel
Much betterrrrrrr....motivation stay with me for another month...:D
I don't know if I could manage on just 3 shakes a day! Well done for having the motivation to :)
Actually, I did slim fast a few years back with 2 shakes and a sensible evening meal and can honestly say I never had so much energy...I was getting home from work and tidying the house from top to bottom!
Today i understood that all the people that say to me that i
Not fat are lying...i never had confidence and never trusted myseld ib regards to the way i look...i âm 22 and FED up of this weight loss issue i wanna feel pretty and gd but i cnt... I want one person in malifethat cares and loves me that he is always their for me... But cnt do that çöz i dnt trust myself.. I dnt fink that he would go for me purly bcoz i âm fat not in shape.....?but i âm still doin ma diet and loosing weight......

good luck with your plan. I admire anyone who can do this, I tried years ago, Cambridge diet, couldn't do it!!!..made me sick :rolleyes: However these meal replacement diets do work for many people.

Being happy with yourself and letting that shine through is one of the most attractive vibes a person can have, please don't worry about the physical image too much at this stage, a sensible eating plan or diet will take care of that and one day you will meet someone who is attracted to you on every level. :)
Self confidence takes time to grow and in the meantime try to concentrate on being happy with yourself first, the benefits of that alone will help you achieve your goal, trust me! :) Do this for yourself first and foremost..and if you meet that special someone at a later date, then that will be one of the many rewards you'll get.

When you finish the slimfast way, you'll just need to eat sensibly to maintain it in the future, so try not to be too strict with yourself for too long!!! :)

Good luck with it all, have a good day!

p.s. How much weight are you trying to lose?
Hi Tuba
Welldone for joining here, thats the best move you have made towards your journey. this place is a safe haven and i would of quite somany times without it.

Sadlyas Rose writes.
Once you stop slimfas you will have to work hard to maintain yor wieght loss. You will be losingwieght with no real foods.
If you have a very large amount to lose then I can seethe need to take drastic measures as time isnt always on peoples sides with health, however if you have a small amount to lose then i would be looking at different options.
Exersice is going to be 50% of the effort to losing the wieght, you want to be nice and toned ;) i can tell by your eagerness lol.
Your eating habits if not changed now, will not change when you start again.
Id have a good go with the shakes and then substitue them for foods gradualy untill you are eating a sustainable menu.
By no means am i the picture of perfection and the master of muscle but ihave for many years been in the carrying fat position. However you sound young and full of beans and if that is the case you are so lucky if you find the answer to a healthier life style now as im 44 and ive no idea why the penny has only just dropped but i wish it did when i was in my 20s.

Regarding you... there is no you with out the inner you, ;)

Wish you all the best
The scales will be calling you ( thats when it get freaky lol ) bye for now :)

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