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On LT???????????



Back on the wagon!
I started once week 1 was over......thats what my chemist recommended!
Yeah me too, although my chemist said I could have had them in weel one! But then again, I really dinna think they know what they are talkng about sometimes!
Really:eek:. A friend went for hers today and the chemist said 3 weeks............Bugger! Unless she is winding me up, women can be nasty cant they:p
To be honest, I wouldna blame your friend (although I do know that people can be nasty) I have heard a load of carp from my chemist, like you are allowed chewing gum etc! All I say is thank god for thsi site and the experience of others!


Back on the wagon!
I agree with pineapple....the level of expertise in my chemist was sooooo poor! I used this site for the real story on what to do.....I would check with the LT site and quote that back to your chemist......
:confused: Does that mean we are not allowed chewing gum? Not even sugar free?

But what about the erm <whispers> breath issue?
Ya right this site always comes up trumps with the answers. (Only kidding about my freind). When I go get mine tomorrow firstly I need 2 weeks supply at a time due to my work schedules and what should i say if they say no you cant have the flapjacks until week 3??????????? x
You can have the flapjacks whenever, but they aren't recommended until week 3. As long as you make up the water.

You can't have chewing gum of any description because it contains citric acid which can take you out of ketosis.
Dont want that then - I hit ketosis today! Yay!!!
How much water is everyone doing - I am struggling with that bit as I can't go to the loo much (work thing)!:rolleyes:
My weeing has finally started to settle down! :eek: I'm drinking about 3.5l a day - sometimes a bit more sometimes a bit less. To begin with I was weeing litterally every 5 minutes, I'd barely sit down and I'd need to go again. However, this week it has been much better and today I had meetings in London. I had a wee before I left after the meeting, then had an hour journey on the train and a 40 minute car journey and I wasn't even bursting when I got to the office! :) I had drunk about 3 litres of water by that point in the day (about 3pm) and had gone for a wee about 5 times (including first wee in the morning) all at appropriate times that didn't disturb anything. Well, I was very pleased with myself anyway!! :D


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
So there's hope!! I am peeing about every 45mins and its got me paranoid in work!! Drinking about 4.5 - 5L a day.

Between my mom, my sis and me that's 3 pharmacies I know of that said you can have flapjacks after week one. The reason is because they're dry so you have to make up the water and the pharmacies want to wait till you've lost you're water and entered into ketosis before you eat them.

I don't trust the pharmacists anyway unless they've been on it themselves, some of the girls that haven't done it can b so patronising! and still don't know wat they're talkin about!

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