On the Slimfast again!

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by st francis, 6 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. st francis

    st francis New Member

    I have started back on the slimfast diet again can anybody give me any tips
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  3. I'm only on day 2, so not experienced enough with sf to give you any tips, but will be interested to see what comes up on this thread.

    Good luck with your weightloss!
  4. ugg

    ugg Needs a kick

    hello, well done for starting up again... That's the hardest part. I've been doing slimfast for about a year and a half, well on and off!

    First time I lost 2 stone which has stayed off bar 5 ibs, Christmas chocs.
    I'm back on it and would like to lose more then before. I have a wedding reception to host in July so it's good motivation.

    I now realize I'll never completly come off slimfast, I'll need it to maintain. What really helps me is knowing I'm not alone, and I log on here everyday to read the posts. We can all do it together, keep posting it helps x
  5. Floralaura

    Floralaura Full Member

    Well, ive been on SF since Sat, so im no expert lol but i will say that ive lost over 4lbs since sat (woooh!) and although the 1st couple of days were hard its not that bad now, dont get as hungry as i did at the start.
    Really like the shakes too, which is wierd as i dont actually like milk lol..AND the shakes are 1/2 price in Sainsburys for the 6 pack so its £3 ish for 6! Which makes it ace too if you shop there!

    Good luck..x
  6. st francis

    st francis New Member

    Slim Fast

    Well this is my third day and i have just found out they have stopped making their soup, not sure where i go from here

    I have just spent 50 minutes trying to find my way round this site and still cannot reply to this thread, I think i will just give up does anybody else find this very difficult trying to use this site
  7. Sun Lover

    Sun Lover Member

    Hi St Francis I have had a bit of a problem with this site, I seemed to spend ages looking for the slim fast threads by scrolling through all the diets, seem to have sussed it out now though. Please don't give up, can you find an alternative to the soup, have you tried the meal bars? The chocolate is especially nice.

    Try to stick with it, the end result will be more than worth it. Rememer we are all here for each other. I am only on day two and know I wouldn't stick to it without this support.

    Keep going and good luck


  8. sacha

    sacha Banned

    It gets easier with practice!! Minimins.co/slimfast will bring you direct to the slimfast section rather than searching everywhere! Just sign in at the top and you'll be able to reply to stuff without too much problem...

    Its a handy site when ur feelig a bit demotivated cos so many people are in the same boat! Especially if you have a skinny other half who eats junk food infront of you and you need some encouragement!!

    Also, re soup, you're not mising out I wouldn't panic!!! They're foul!
  9. FeelingFat

    FeelingFat Silver Member

    Hi I am on slimfast for the fourth time now. The first time I lost weight for my wedding. The second time I lost the weight following my son's birth - I lost 4 stone in 4 months. The third time was last year following the birht of my daughter (took me eighteen months to start dieting though) when I lost 44lbs and I am now back on it again and will be on it up until my wedding in August. As you can see I am hoping to lose another 2 stone or so.

    Good luck

  10. Rayven

    Rayven Addicted to Minimins!

    Hey hun, good luck with your weight loss journey. I'm a slimfast re-starter so haven't been on it long this time round but i'd suggest making sure you're drinking plenty of water (otherwise you can become a bit constipated) & make the most of your snacks when hungry (don't feel like you can't snack just because you're dieting)
  11. Sun Lover

    Sun Lover Member

    Hi Sacha thanks for the tip, that is so much easier finding my way around.

  12. jennybeth79

    jennybeth79 Silver Member

    Its my second time on SF too. First time was in 2003 for 6 mths and I loss 6 stone went from 25 st to 19stone for my first wedding. Second wedding this year and this time Im starting at 19 st.... I wonder where I wil get to next x
  13. sacha

    sacha Banned

    Aw good luck, a wedding's an excellent motivation I'm sure!!!
  14. Hello! Been doing Slim Fast since November (with a significant break for Christmas), so not as expert as some but not a total beginner. I'm doing it quite slowly compared to others -- had lost a stone but put a bit back on. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be back down to over a stone though.

    Anyway, here are two things that have helped me.

    One is waiting until as late as possible in the day to have my first shake (because I'm less hungry in the morning, and it then reduces my urge to snack in the afternoon).

    The other is air-popped popcorn with salt. I LOVE popcorn, and this is a relatively low calorie treat. So I use up some snack allowance in the morning quite often with some popcorn and coffee. It's something I love eating anyway, so it makes me feel as if I'm not really doing a diet (even though eating popcorn and coffee every morning clearly isn't the actions of a normal, non-dieting person).

    Re: soup. Never tried the Slim Fast soups, and although I know that the Slim Fast food is designed to make sure you get a fair whack of nutrients, there are many other low calorie soups that are full of vegetables and protein and so on, so don't let it put you off.

    Good luck.
  15. sacha

    sacha Banned

    Instead of a snack bar in the afternoon, I sometimes have a low cal cuppa soup, its nice, especially as its so nippy out and about! Sometimes chuck a couple of baked croutons too
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