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on the verge of a wobble

Hi LL virgin, try going into the chat room that sometimes helps


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I know its hard. But think of something else. Find something to do, go for a walk have an ultra long bath. Anything anything just do not give in to temptation.
If you can ride this first storm you will feel so much stronger tomorrow.
Hang in there keep posting and keep drinking water it helps.
It was only a bad day no reason that should beat you.
Hang in the you can do it.
go to the arcade- i can waste hours in there :D xxx


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LL just keep thinking of how good you will look this summer and all the clothes you can buy. I had a few niggles on the first two weeks and nearly gave up but I perservered and I am so glad I did. Keep your chin up and think of something else other than food. I used to run a hot bath with bubbles and read and soak that did the trick. I do hope you stick with it you'll be so glad you did. Best wishes and hugs Lola.
haha 10 hours???? xx
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No no no! Don't do it!! If you think you are feeling bad about your day now, imagine how you will feel if you wobble....it will feel worse! Find something comforting to take your mind of it. A hot bath, a nice shower....a good DVD....book...slather yourself in lovely lotion, or paint your toes. Something nice. It would not be worth it to wobble after such a great start!!

Hang tough, just realise eating will not make whatever bad happened go away. It will still have been a crappy day. But you can end the day on a high note, knowing you were in control, and you got through it!!

be strong hon!! You can do it!!



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Go for a walk - try pinching your earlobes (apparently reduces cravings) - drink a load of water or a large cup or 2 of tea/coffee - do a soduku

Should keep you busy for a while.

It DOES get easier!
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thanks guys im feeling a lot better now. I had my soups and lots of water also cleaned the kitchen. Hasnt looked as clean since we moved in! (not sure how this reflects on my housekeeping skills) I will get there in the end i am now determined. Beat this now so can carry on.

Lisa xx
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Good to hear you got yourself over and out of it Lisa - it can be a struggle I know ...... you could have a sparkling house yet :D

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