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On week one and looking for some buddies to keep me going!

I'm on SS at the moment, never done it before! Was a little scared but going ok at the moment, am on day 2 only started yesterday and doing... Ok! Wondered if you can mix SS and SS+ during the coming weeks as think that I may need some greens and tuna/chicken at some point! Looking for any newbies who want to work through this with me?! C xxx
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Hi Princess, I am in the first week too. Not sure about mixing SS and SS+ last time SS+ did not exist.
I am doing SS+ to stop the family nagging. Its a great diet, last time I lost 7 stone and kept it off for 2 years but have put most of that back on in the last 10 months!
Work stress and too many parties!
This is going to be my last time. More than happy to pall up. When do you weigh in next? I am on |Friday and will let you know how it went.
Hi Princess and Jackie, I'm on day 2 of my re-start, long story but I have a diary in this section that tells the sorry story. I'm doing 810 for health reasons, I know sole source plus is great as it gives you a little something, I think you have to do a full week of one or the other you can't mix it up. Good luck girls and it would be nice to buddy up :D
So great to hear from you all! Let's keep each other on track! My CDC gave me SS and SS+ as an option for my first wk and so far have done SS+ to start off gently think I'll go on SS next wk! My weigh in is on Saturday mornings although only started yesterday as had parties last wkd! Wishing you all the best of luck and looking forward to your next updates! Please call me Charlie! Xx


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Hi Charlie how's it going? I'm now on day 7 of ss and so far I've been 100% thats a first in a very long time. WI for me later today I will poat my results later.

Jackie how are you doing, have you done CD before?

Sarah how's the restart going? I'll have a look for your diary.
Hi Charlie - I try to stick to 100% most of the time (although I fall off the horse a lot lol) but I do add chicken, salad (green) and tuna if hungry. My daughter told me the other day that you can have 2 eggs as a protein choice which I didn't know so an omlette with mush made with spray oil sounds like a good option ocassionally. Hope you are enjoying it so far. :)


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Hi Charlotte, hope you're getting on OK! I'm on day 6 now. Feel loads better in myself. xx
I'm struggling today!!

Day 3 of the CD plan, and I am struggling today. I have been to the loo about 20 times today, and my colleague is eating the most delicious wrap next to me, all I want to do it eat now!! I don't feel like eating, if that makes sense, I just not loving it today! I have the willpower, but missing food.....!! Help!


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Day 3 was the hardest for me too, just stick with it!!

There's an epic buffet at my work today, with Guylian chocolates! If I can stay away from that you can stick to plan too! xx
Buffet food!!!! OMG!!! happened to me last week. Despite having a crisis last Wednesday I still managaged not to cave. Get through day 3 and 4 and it get's better, or so they say. I'm just having a little look around and there is soup on one side, choc biscuits to the side of me and fish pie going around in the microwave. Just keep drinking the water!!! stay strong girls and we will be fit and fab in no time at all.

Can't believe I am saying that but its the new positive version of me that I am working on xx :)
Absolutely! Feel better now that I have just stepped put in the sunshine and seen skinny girls in shorts!! Bring on the next couple of months and that'll be us!! Cone on girls who needs buffet, chocolates and fish pie (yuk!) we've got our smoothies!!! I've just treated myself to a new, ice cold, water with orange flavouring, feeling loads better!!


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Charlie day 3 is the hardest, once you get past it you are normally in ketosis and it gets easier.

I've just for back from WI and I've lost 7 lbs after 7 days of ss.
Hi, im a newbie/ restarter too.... It is such an amazing diet, it's jus that lil thing called will power, can't wait to read all the weight loss stories my weigh in is Saturday mornings I'm on day 2, can not wait to get into Ketosis, makes it that much easier.

The Sun today was a big motivator, just remembered I do not want to be uncomfortably big in Summer.... So Roll on heat we're coming for u. Wish u all the best tomorrow, and just take each day as it comes,
Thanks Paulie! I'm on Day 4 tomorrow but started with SS+ and going onto SS next week CDC thought I should start gently, see what happens at Saturdays weigh in! Xx

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Hiya Princess

Im not a cambridge dieter but read your thread and wish you all the best, you sound very determined, which is a great chunk off the battle.

hope all goes well :)
Hi - Charlie, you are doing so well and by now are well into ketosis, that's the best place to be hun, it should get easier from now on! Oh goodness though, fish pie, I love fish pie! :)

Hope you have a great day x PGD
Thanks "lookingforme" it's comments like that that keep me going!! I'm a newbie and I'm sure that my willpower will wain but bring it on feeling great today! Xx

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