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Once opened use immediately

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I've noticed a lot of packaged meat seems to have this on the label now. The trouble is, supermarkets tend to sell the stuff in increasingly large packs which you are just not going to 'use immediately' unless you have a large family! And the smaller packs aren't nearly as good value. I often just use half immediately, and wrap the rest tightly in cling film and use it the next night. Am I going to die of botulism?!
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I doubt it, I would just make sure it is well cooked. Other options are to cook it all and then just heat it up the next night, which is what I often do, or freeze it either uncooked or cooked.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Always been a bit nervous about reheating cooked meat, especially pork. I guess I'm a bit paranoid about germs and food poisoning, I have a real phobia about getting sick. What are the basic rules that you tend to stick by?
I used to work in the food industry and the rules these days are so tight, that plus retailers like to have shorter eat by dates as it makes people throw things away. Have you ever wondered how people managed to live in the old days?
I go by the rule if it doesn't smell bad, and my dog licks her lips, then its good :) Never had food poisoning in my life. I have even been known to defrost chicken under the hot tap. The only one thing I am every cautious (or was) with, is rice. Rice is the dirtiest food ever, and the one most likely to be harbouring botulism, listeria, or clostridium.
Chicken is also very dangerous TT, but providing you cook it well, no problem. :)
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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I'm really nervous about freezing meat, too - what if it goes off, what if I don't defrost it properly etc. I should maybe get some help with this - I didn't used to be this paranoid, but after I had chemo a few years back I've been left with this intense fear of vomiting. I can get myself into a right state over it sometimes. I've never had food poisoning in my life, but I can lie awake at night worrying about my dinner... it's so stupid.

I think you're right that supermarkets do exaggerate use by dates, probably more to cover themselves against getting sued than anything. On the other hand I have had to throw things out that were still within their ubd because they just didn't smell right when I opened them, or had turned that 'off' colour. You've got to trust your instincts I suppose.


Happily pro pointing!
I can see why you would be nervous about such a thing.
Generally I don't keep meat past its date or if it smells, but I do freeze a lot, it usually takes about 24 hours to defrost something small like chicken breasts or sausages in the fridge and 48 for a medium sized joint. You have to use it as soon as it is defrosted though, I wouldn't leave it another day after.

I will defrost in the microwave if I am cooking it straight away, a pack of mince takes about 10-15 mins to defrost. I have cooked mince straight from frozen and a lot of pre-frozen meat say to cook from frozen too.

I defrost prawns under that tap for salad or just cook them from frozen.

As long as it is cooked right through there should be no problem. Maybe invest in a meat thermometer to put your mind at rest, they are just a couple of pounds.

Frozen meat generally needs to be eaten in 3 months I think, so you just need to label it when you put it in.

I have never poisoned myself or anyone else by the way, and I pretty much follow what my mum does and she have never poisoned anybody either.
The only time I have know anyone get food poisoning at home is when my step dad didn't reheat last nights chinese properly the next day (probably the rice), OH DEAR! PMSL. Some men will never listen.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
A meat thermometer sounds like a really good idea, I'll keep an eye out for one.

I do remember reading somewhere that you should never reheat pork, but I can't remember where or why. Is this a meat myth?


Happily pro pointing!
I can't think of any reason why you can't reheat pork, I have never heard it said before. I have reheated pork casseroles the next day, used leftover roast pork in curries or heated just sliced in gravy. The only things you must remember when reheating any food is it must be cooked thoroughly in the first place and it must be reheated to piping hot, never warm.
Blimey, I must be living life on the edge!
Me too Laura, most morning my breakfast is last nights leftovers.
LOL, OK. I've eaten 3 day old cold pork as well. Maybe I have a strong stomach. :)

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