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Once upon a time there was a girl called Mince...


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Once upon a time, there was a girl called Mince. Mince had struggled with her weight as an early teen after a knee injury that halted her active lifestyle which included regular dance and swim groups, going to a healthy weight at around 16 years old, using Weight Watchers. Mince was lucky enough to attend one of the best universities in the world, however, with this came intense pressure, and in her final year, she gained weight, worrying about final examinations. Upon finishing university, Mince found none of the opportunities that had been promised to her by university, and found herself unable to attain work. She became severely depressed, and didn't leave the house for months upon months on end, in a period of agoraphobia lasting over two years, upon which she gained more weight, and became more terrified of seeing people, rocketing up to around 205lbs.

Mince eventually lost a little weight, through help of Orlistat, a NHS programme and later WeightWatchers, and developed a little more confidence to start to leave the house more often, and eventually start work. Then disaster truly struck, Mince had a fall, and injured her leg, activating the old knee injury, and rendering her immobile for weeks. The weight gain grew, and the injury left her unable to resume her gym routine that she had adopted on Weight Watchers, and Mince's weight slowly crept back up to almost 200lbs.

Mince's best friend, who had also suffered with his weight, had told Mince about Cambridge, and she had been shocked by his transformation, including a loss of around 6 stone. Unable to exercise, she recalled him mentioning that on Cambridge, exercise was not entirely necessary, and horrified by photographs of herself at a friend's wedding as a size 20, Mince found the Cambridge website, and telephoned a local counsellor. In the meantime, she was enamoured by a pair of leather pants in the asos.com sale, and promptly bought them, telling her colleague hopefully, "I'll fit into these!".

Her slim colleague looked at Mince with scorn, offloading comments such as
"There is no way in hell you will ever fit into a size 10, I can't even fit into size 10 pants."
"This shake diet is hilarious, you'll never stick to it."

Mince was upset, however, she ignored her colleague, using her scathing remarks as incentive, and was 100% Sole Source for 10 weeks, losing 2 and a half stone, and dropping to a size 14, before taking hiatus from Cambridge, gaining very little in the interim.

Frustrated with her inability to lose more weight and get to her goal, which alluded her by almost 2 stone, Mince decided to restart Cambridge, and adopted Sole Source last Wednesday.

Last night, already half a stone lighter, those size 10 leather pants zipped up and fit.

The purpose of me posting this (apart from to brag and say how much I love the diet) is mostly to say this:

To all those of you starting Cambridge who encounter naysayers and people who make nasty comments about your weight - please, please, please ignore them. Stick to the diet, it works - you will be the one who is laughing :) I never, ever thought I would fit into size 10 pants, and as a size 20, comments from people about weight really did get to me. Just shrug them off, content in the knowledge that you are making a change that reaps real results. I've had people telling me I can't lose weight all my life - "friends", colleagues, I even had a boss make really nasty comments about my weight and how I looked, as well as medical experts telling me that losing weight would be "extremely difficult" for me (as I have PCOS), but it CAN be done!

Good luck to everybody on the diet - restarters, those mid-diet, the Cambridge faithful, newcomers, and maintainers!
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Lovely post. :)


100% all the way!
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Thanks so much for this post! It's very inspiring and such a lovely story, but even better it's a true story! x
And also congratulations to you for that amazing weight loss! x

Lisa D

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Well done for not letting those nasty comments deter you, you showed them hey!


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Thanks everybody. It's amazing how after a certain point, nasty comments can turn into motivation in an "I'll show them!" sense.

I'll always remember our boss and the aforementioned colleague sitting opposite me with pizza and the colleague waving it at me going "Don't you wish you could have this?" and our boss (they were dead chummy) going "Maybe if we blended it" *Snigger snigger*.

I remember just smiling as if it didn't affect me and going to the loos to cry :(

@FatBoySlimmin: I (luckily) don't work there anymore, but I put something up on facebook that in no uncertain terms told naysayers that I was having the last laugh, and had a million likes from both close friends and acquaintances, which really made me giggle. It seems not only I have been met with nasty comments from people about diets!
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Fab post Mince and a big :thankyou: from me as i was wavering tonight and would happily have picked but reading your post made me realise that i don't have to!

I have done well and like FBS said everyone who has doubted us can :kissass: :D

Also seeing another woman with PCOS doing well on this diet is great too x


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S: 15st0lb C: 11st7lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st7lb(23.33%)
Susie Tuesday, that is the nicest thing I've heard in a long time. I'm so glad I could help :D


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S: 15st0lb C: 11st7lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st7lb(23.33%)
Aw thanks!

I had my first WI since restart yesterday, and had lost 8.5lbs - which is more than I lost the first week I did Cambridge for the first time!!!! I love this diet!


Needs some encouragement!
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Wow this is a great story - thank you! I think I read this at the right time as Im sitting here on day 3 with a grumbling tummy. Really inspiring - thanksx
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really encouraging post well done x


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My first day back on plan today, and your story has really given me the motivation to go for it this time. Congratulations and well done! :)
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Thanks for that! For me just starting out this is great. well done u, u showed her! enjoy ur size 10's. heres hoping thats me in a years time!!

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