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Hi all,:wave_cry:

I am new to this site my name is Laura, from Dublin, Ireland, and I have read this site for a while and think it is great. I have joined to get encouragement to lose all my weight.

I have been doing Weight Watchers since the end of August 2009 and have lost over three and a halfstone in weight but I need to lose a lot more and I hope to do it this year. This is the first christmas that I have stuck to the diet. I am very pleased with myself.:)

Going back to my first weight in class on Thursday after Christmas, hopefully I will lose some weight. (I have a very long way to go until I get to my target).

At the moment I am just taking it one day at a time, as I find it easier, If I start to think of what I still have to lose, I'd be afraid I will not stick to it.

My leader in Weight Watcher is great support and very helpful, and from day one he has told me to track what I eat everyday, which is what I have being doing and it has helpd, even over christmas I tracked everything I ate and I think that helped.

I hope to hear from people on the site and hopefully I can help them and they can help me on our diet journey.:eek:

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Welcome to Minimins. Youre doing amazingly well thats a fab loss since you started :)

Look forward to hearing how youre getting on x


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well done, that is fantastic!
welcome to Minmins,
fantastic support here on the WW board!


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HI hun, well done on your loss so far and great job tracking over the Xmas period!

You'll love this site and I hope this year is a great one for you. Keep us posted.



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Well done on your losses so far you are doing really well tracking is the answer I wish I had done the same as you over the christmas/new year my wi is on friday & i'm scared!!!!


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Hi and well done on ur weight loss so far. 3 and a half stone since aug is amazing. You're obviously doing something right, so keep up the good work!!! and keep us posted..x


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Wow! Thats an amazing loss :) Well done and all the best on your weight loss journey!!

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Hi, would just like to say thank you to all the people who replied to my post, and hopfully we can help each other on our diet journey.

With the weather being so bad outside Im stuck in the house a lot more, but being on the computer does keep your mind off food. Were before I got the laptop I ate just because I was bored, I dont even think I was hungry half the time.

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Was meant to be weigh in day on Thursday night, but couldn't make it with the snow, so hopeful I can make it next week, I miss not getting weight, as I think it helps you and at least you know if you are doing it right. i'll just keep doing what I am doing and see what happens next week

Going to get to my goal!!!!!!!
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Congratulations on your weight loss so far! Good luck for 2010.



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Well done on your great weight loss so far! You are doing brilliantly, keep it up!
Im new too and lost over a stone on my own, without meetings, so far and find this place really helps distract me from snacking, and at least its a postive distraction diet wise! I wish you the best of luck and will be glad of another person for some mutual support :)

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Hi there,
well done you have given me some inspiration already.
Christmas is such a hard time to diet, so really well done:D

I,ve started back today so we can encourage each other:)

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Tonight was the first weigh in after the Christmas break, and I lost 6lbs, I was delighted, I now have lost 4 stone and 2lbs. I am delighted as I watched it over christmas, which was the first time ever for me.

Going to get to my Goal weight!!!
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:clap: well done Laura you have every right to feel pleased with yourself


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yay, laura, that is awesome! :) you are doing fab...keep going xxx


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well done you. That is an amazing amount of weight to lose. Hope I do aswell as you over time.


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well done on yr fantastic weight loss, you've done amazingly well especially over xmas - keep up the fantastic work.



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Well done thats really good over the christmas you'll be at your goal this year


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wow, good loss!!! you really should be proud of yourself. Looking forward to hearing about your loss next week as well. Well done x


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fantastic weight loss, 6 lbs over xmas, def has to be historic!!!!!
you will provide the motivation i think

fair play to u