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Extra Easy one day at a time

You may lose some weight doing it like that but it won't be as good or you may find you don't lose at all. I think rather than trying it you need to be a bit more imaginative with your food. There isn't a limit to what you can eat, you could try SWing a favourite meal you miss or concoct something completely new. Is it just what you're eating that's boring you or that thinking about what you can have is taking over your life? I sometimes over-think my meals and get bored with my own brain!

Before you try coming off plan maybe you need to put some effort into finding new things. Search people's diaries, recipe section, look in non SW recipe books and adjust where it's needed. There's really no reason to be bored with what you can eat.


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It was difficult for me at first, but now if I fancy something, I just find a way around it. Most recipes can be adapted to fit SW, I just found I needed to use my imagination more and now when I see things I say "Ohhhh I can use that instead of that..and I can add that for flavour" etc.... I eat pretty much what I did before joining SW, only making subtle changes and without the box of maltesers every night and a bar of mint aero!(EEK! I know!!). There's also a website I get a LOT of my food ideas from called fatfree.com and anything that isn't syn free I substitute for something that is.


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Do you think you can do slim world for one day, then don't bother the next but eat healthy for that day and still lose weight because i think i need a break from it, as im now starting to find it boring and restricting. :break_diet:
Well I've been doing SW for 10 years and I'm still not bored! :D

If you're bored it's because you're eating the same things all the time. You need to make an effort to have variety in everything, HEs, foods, recipes, menus. Why not challenge yourself to have a different evening meal every day for the the next month, or to try a new food/recipe every week?


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im finding th alchol thing a little restrictive to but i suppose it keeps us within the normal healthy drinking limits


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only thing I can think might be suitable is 1 week out of for save your syns and have a flexi syn day?

I'm not getting on your case but as per day anymore than 1 pint might get too much health wise anyway so if you REALLLY want that 1 pint everynight then eat better per day and have your 1 pint every night :) or do it once a week etc however often you drink.... you could even weigh 1 pint but drink in smaller glasses so last longer?

If your really commited to SW you will find a way to enjoy things you love and keep within slimming world rules, if your really feeling that limited with sw maybe it's not the 'diet' choice for you and should look for another solution, you really have to be in right frame of mind to stick with it!

I picked up a lint chocolate bar the other day at tesco, and time i got to til i was thinking do i really want that chocolate enough to stop me losing weight this week... and the choice was easy! i put chocolate back and muched on strawberries that night! .....

please don't take anything i said in a bad way as i don't mean it like that! we all have our demans and things we'd LOVE to be able to eat everyday but if we did we wouldnt get our losses! :( and know whats better for us long term :)


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Yes but i like alcohol as 1 pint is 9 syns ..:) that is restricting..
No, that's not SW being restricting that's the choices you are making restricting you. You could choose to drink something different for fewer syns, or count your syns over a week instead of daily so you can save some for alcohol at the weekend.;)


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For me personally, in all honesty, I feel that it is a simple choice. I could either commit to Slimming World, and embrace the necessary changes (and they ARE necessary changes as I wouldn't be overweight if what I was doing/eating was healthy) or continue kidding myself I could muddle through.

I chose SW, and (again, for me) I feel it is not a plan that restricts unnecesarily, nor deprives. I can't imagine being bored as it is not a diet as such, it really is a new way of eating (and drinking lol).

As others have said, there are so many ways you can incorporate what you love into SW - if its a pint or 2 then go for it! You just can't do it every day and you need to flexi-syn it where necessary.

If it simply doesn't appeal to you, and you are bored and de-motivated, then nothing anyone else says to you will matter.

The bottom line is to lose weight, we need to change our lifestyles.

Only you can make that decision to change and follow through.

To directly answer your question - I honestly don't think you can do SW one day, then not the next and so on. Sorry to be blunt, but I'd say that you are only going to struggle that way.

Good luck with whatever you decide, and know that the support is here for you as you need it.

Take care :) xx
Why i find slim world boring

Thank you for your replies ,Can i say i NEVER drink alcohol every night only on my weekends off from work. To be honest the slim world diet is great i have been on it since jan 2010 and lost a stone in weight.I am 39 year old Male 6ft tall 13 st 11 pound and i want a life not be so bloody boring at weekends..
So yea its not the food side of slim world i find restricting its having a good old drink on my weekends off...I know 3 syns per 30 ml of vodka boring sorry ............
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I go out most weekends and although my losses have been slower than some of the other people in my group I'd rather keep my social life the same as it was before s/w. I try to just keep alcohol for 1 night of the weekend and save up my syns for that night eg. have about 7-10 syns a day and save a few and use these for alcohol. As I weigh in on a wednesday i have a bit of time to 'pull it back' and i get straight back on plan sunday morning - free fry up! I dont drink beer though, i do have vodka diet mixers but if you don't like them there's always wine or loads of different spirits if you want more for your syns. Syn-saving isnt what s/w recommend and it doesnt work for everyone but it does work for me and stop me going mad!


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if its food why dont you have a look at the food photos ion the recipe section! They have great ideas.
If its alcohol save your syns for the weekend.