One days just as hard as the next!


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I started exercise 2 weeks ago just walking my son to school and back. Last monday i decided to start Slimming world. I weighed today and have lost 7lb which is great. I find the nights hardest once i collect my son from school i could eat until bed time. Its just me and my son at home and my college work and housework is done by the time i collect him so its just boredom. After one week its just as hard to avoid temptation, even though loosing 7lb should sper me on, i think i get lost in ive done so well i get complasent and eat, i go backwards and forwards week after week. I found this forum and thought il join as i need all the support i can get without the cost of joining the classes! (as im saving for Uni)
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Welcome hun and well done on your loss, i am off to my first weigh in in half an hour eeek!!

This forum is fab, and you will get lots and lots of support, I have had invaluable help already and have only been here a week xx


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hello, welcome to the board, it is great place for motavation, also it's good to read how other people are coping, not to mention the laughs, good luck:D


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Im like you - am good til the kids come home from school! I tend to save going on here until then (about 3.30pm) and also munch on plums and apples til it's teatime for me! It seems to be working so far as i lose 1lb a week every week!


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The good news is it does get easier!

As you become more motivated, it drives you on. Success breed success as they say.

As the weight tumbles, the exercise becomes less of a chore and something you'll actually embrace.

Boredom is never something I could suffer as always something to watch, read, plan, discover etc.

Keep going - it will improve.



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I think after a week you're still in the "I'm on a diet" mentality. After a few weeks it becomes more of a way of life. I suggest planning your meals at least a few days in advance, if not a week, and do all of your shopping from the plan to make sure that you only buy what you need. I find that some days I only plan in a couple of syns with my meals and that leaves me with plenty of syns for a treat from my syn tin in the evenings.

Keep going - you've done amazingly well so far!

Also - I find that if I start to get a bit disheartened I look through an old SW magazine or recipe book and start to think about all of the lovely food I can put into my next meal plan! :D


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Good point!

I no longer think of it as dieting - it is already a way of life.

Indeed, people at work or elsewhere now offer me a biscuit, cream scone, bit of cake - no end of temptation and I always politely refuse before they burst out laughing. They only offer it as a joke, but now I am not even slightly swayed by it.

Indeed crazy as it may sound, after about 17/18 weeks on SW it would be more of a chore/effort to actually eat something high cal or high syn.


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You do definately have to think of it as a new way of life, it's not a diet.
I found it very easy to stick to the plan when i went to the meetings and has been very tricky since leaving but since then i've decided to post my diary on here which so far has helped.

I am also a night time/evening eater even if i'm not hungry, i know it's boredom and even the TV doesn't distract me. I find forward planning helps, plan set snacks you can have in the evening. I find that really helps.

faye cheshire

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Hi Karensa, you have done well

Maybe you could find something to do after school with your son and then the evenings would be shorter

Could you get someone to mind him while you have a few nights off and went to a gym or on a bike ride etc...even join a running club if you are fitter than me!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess everything costs money but some colleges do really good deals for their gyms

Good Luck

Faye C


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How about an exercise dvd for when your sons gone to bed - 30 day shred is a good one


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I'm the same. Its just me and my son at home and my eating is purely out of boredom and habit. We need to change our habits :) Try doing something different...Even if it is for a 5 minute walk. Anything to take your mind off food. That's what I do. It seems a bit weird typing it out but it really works.