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One month down - I can hardly believe it!


Well thats one month down for me, I honestly can not believe it, I had tried lipotrim many times before but always only lasting a couple of days or week if I was lucky, I always convinced myself it was just for a quick start! Think thats where I was going wrong. This time round I soon started to believe that I could go longer and be near enough at my target weight or even better still be 'AT' target!

I am going to get weighed today (one day early) before heading away tomorrow to Dublin. I don't really feel I have lost a big amount this week but whatever it is I'll try and appreciate it as a loss none the less. I am feeling quite scared about beig away and losing my will power but I know its down to me at the end of the day and I have promised myself and you guys who have given nothing but support over this month that I will try my utter hardest and will report back honestly come Sun Night when am home again! My plan is to have my 2 shakes and one small protien meal in the eve. Surly I'll manage that?! Chemist said so long as I stick to protien I'll be fine.

Anyway, to everyone getting weighed today or this weekend, I wish you the very best of luck, god knows we all deserve it!
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Well done Pineapple - that's an achievement worthy of a pat on the back. Only someone who has tried to SS knows what a challenge it is so hats off to you for sticking it out so well.

It must give you more confidence to know that you CAN do it and your head sounds very much in the right place. Whatever the result of your weigh in is, it won't lessen your achievement (but I bet it's better than you thought anyway!). :)
Great post pineapple and a big well done xxx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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Congrats on your first month Pineapple, you are really doing great!! Don't worry bout the weigh in I bet u've lost more than you think. Have a great time in Dublin, really enjoy urself and with that kind of determination you'll have no probs stickin with the protein :):)

Deb G

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Well done - its surprising how the time flies when you're SS!
Hey pineapple

WELL DONE! You can def do this now, you have done one month and so you can do another :)

When you are away remember how well you have done and so dont spoil it for the sake of a couple of meals - protein is not so bad!

Have a fantastic time when you are away. Look foorward to hearing about it when you get back (Have always wanted to go there so you can tell me if I should!)
Well, I’m back after my weekend, firstly, it was amazing and we cant wait to go back to Dublin again. Hopefully next time meet some more Dublin people, loads of Polish people live there and was disappointed not to hear the lovely Irish accent as much as we had hoped… I really thought last week, I’d be coming back tell you all I managed the 2 shakes and one small protein meal… Unfortunately for me, am not going to tell you that…

Fri started off well, had my shake before heading to airport, whilst at the airport Alan tucked into a cooked breakie, whilst I sipped water, I was feeling great and confident I’d achieve it. Arrived at Dublin and went straight out to the shops and went into a restaurant, it was there I decided It would be fine to have 2 protein meals a day!! So ordered a ceaser salad without the croutons and dressing = chicken and lettuce. It was lovely and I was still feeling confident. That night it went all to pot, we had a call that another couple were going to join us on the sat night (my young aunt and uncle). I then somehow managed to convince myself that I’d def not manage to stick to my plan and so that eve had a 3 course meal washed down with bottle of red wine and some morgans, followed the next day with 3 meals and masses of drink! Oh me how I was suffering yesterday! Anyway, wowed to start yest and even sat with the 3 of them munching their way through the Hilton breackfast (sun morn) it all went well til about 3pm yest when we arrived home, tookit into my head I wanted a cereal!! So had that then some sweets.

The good news is I am back on track today and wow at least one more month on lipo – no cheating! I so cant wait to get back into it. Sounds weird but since I have been eating and drinking this weekend, my hips have been really sore! Prob the new weight in my tummy! I really feel bloated and I can honestly feel the weight I have put on.

The 4.5lbs I lost for weigh in last thurs is def back on and I just home I can shift it this week.

I am not going to regret my weekend, casue I really did have a fabulous time, I just need to buckle down and get back into it, which I know I ca. Roll on ketosis!

Thanks for listening!

glad you had agreat weekend! The good thing is that you are feeling really positive about starting again and not beating yourself up abou eating. My advice is to make sure you are very strict this week cos it would be so easy to let it slip and one weekend becomes a week etc. You know that this week may be difficult but you also know that you can do it. Good luck :)
Thank you, yeah I know that all too well, been there before and one day led to "just one more"!!! Nope am deffo back on it today. Sipping the water as we speak, am not feeling too hungry yet, but know that I'll need to work at geting abck into ketosis, cant wait to be back in the zone, so hope I can get under the weight I was last thurs this week. So have about 4.5lbs to lose first as thats what I put on over the weekend!

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