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One of the first noticeable signs!

So, only a few lbs down, but one of the first signs of weight loss is kicking in - my rings are too big!!!!! I don't know why my fingers shrink first - anyone else get this? I wish it was one of my chins that had disappeared......:rolleyes:
I guess it's an excuse to buy more jewellery in a smaller size - to keep the bigger rings on my fingers!:D
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oo Well done hun. Funny you should say that because i have noticed my pandora bracelet getting a bit lose on my wrist :D hehe!! Also a bra that aint fit me in ages is not fitting me nicely and a top that was to tight for me 4weeks ago is now fitting perfectly. Fab feeling hehe!! <3 xxx


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i first noticed in my face chest and waist, tops are fitting better, my jeans are looser but still not in a smaller size yet


running strictly on fat!
Look at you!!! You might as well go and get some new rings then LOL
Just make sure these are slightly too small atm...
Any excuse is a good excuse! (me thinks!)

First thing I noticed was my face - getting more defined and smaller over all. I was so chuffed I end up staring at myself anywhere I could find a mirror :)

I'm glad you are seeing changes already - majority of the significant changes were visible after losing first 2s.(well for me anyway..)
i have some lovely rings i hope to get in to, they dont look right round the first knuckle at the mo.:cry:


running strictly on fat!
my rings have started to work loose on my fingers since i have lost weight,
you have done well Minimims.

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I noticed my wrists and fingers first...then my face and slowly but surely the rest of me followed in the shrinking process (well except for my boobs, they're still huge haha :p )
I kinda hope I keep my boobs a bit, I don't mind if they go back to what they were when I was slim - I am currently a 38D - I shrank to a 34C on LL a few years ago, which was about right. But I hope my chins start to go next....seriously, I look like i permanently have mumps! HAHA!:D


running strictly on fat!
Same to you CoCoMolicious xxxx
I lose it from my fingers first too and my feet! Got a wedding ring that's really loose now being held on by my engagement ring and my feet slip around in my boot --- hmmm if only it were belly and bum :)
I know it sound weird but the only place (other then my santa like stomach) I noticed was the other day I was getting in the bath so I stood on the scales and i bent over (this isn't as pervy as it sounds) to pick something up but legs straight and the was a gap in between my thighs! wasn't a huge gap but the was light....

I wish I had big boobs mine are only ickle but shrink even more when i get to "normal range" : (

my fingers cause my rings go lose but also my back, it's already gotten smaller. on all other diets i just don't loose from the places that i lose from on CD!
My target when I first started was to get my wedding ring back on - I achieved this but now I'm finding it hard to keep it on - keep slipping off! - I love the constant reminder throughout the day when I have to keep pushing it back on my finger! The little things in life please me!!

x x x
Mine did as well, my wedding ring has gone down 5 sizes since I got married :eek:

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