One week in..and what's this taste in my mouth?!

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  1. ninjajen

    ninjajen Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi there,

    I strated the CD last Friday, and have to admit to falling off the wagon here and there already!!

    I came away with 2 weeks supply of packs cos my counsellor will be away (and she only let me start becasue she knew how keen I was to get going - I feel like I've already let her down on that score!) so I tried to get a variety to check out all the flavours.. It hasn't taken me long to discover which ones I like and which ones I can't stand!

    As it goes, I cannot stand the soups! Does anyone else find that they leave a really really nasty film around your mouth? I actually couldn't stand to drink the spicy tomato one that I was loing forwrad to so much - so I swappd it for a carb packed Heinz Weight Watchers one instead - ohh!

    Anyway, I seem to have got into ketosis quite quickly, and stayed in it even though I've eaten carbs eher and there - does that sound right? I'm worried I'm not teesting my wee at the right time! And I'm definitely hydrated, so I don't think it's being dyed :)

    I've also noticed a really gross tatse in my mouth, and even though I got the gold spot mouth freshener reccommoended to me, it's not really going.. I do have good oral hygiene! But it's kind of like I want to eat some *real food* to try and banish it..

    I think I'm making problems for myeself :)

    This has ended up a bit longer than I intended, but I hope some of you will stop to say hi :)
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  3. xdebzx

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    cambridge SS

    hiya hun, the taste in your mouth is down to ketosis (drink more water if you can), best time to test your urine is in the morning as it will be less diluted by then.

    I agree with you about the soups (they make me gag!!, all of em') so i am living off shakes and tetra packs.

    good luck to you on your weightloss journey! your first weigh in will b FAB!

    debs x
    Starting weight - 11st 3 1/4lbs
    Goal weight - 9st
    started CD tues 20th May
    Goal 1 - get through day 1 (lol) Done!!
    Goal 2 - get to ketosis Done!! :D

    Goal 3 - 1st WI - 27/5/08 - 7.2lbs lost!! :D Done!
  4. ninjajen

    ninjajen Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks for that - and sorry for all the typos! I'm going to keep going with vigour from this evening, and see how it goes... :)
  5. Heffa

    Heffa Full Member

    Ha, ha, you've got ketosis gob!
    My husband says my breath smells of raw sewage.
    Bad isn't it, but the weight will go!
  6. ninjajen

    ninjajen Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Ohh! Hasn't somebody found a cure for it?! I'm drinking my 2 litres + of water, but it really does taste different now - eew!

    I can't go without a kiss for 3 months! ;)
  7. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    ohhh doggy breath!!! I chew chewing gum like a mad woman!!!!
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