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One week in, need to knuckle down!

I was last prescribed these in Jan '06 and managed to get a stone off in about 6-8 weeks. Then in the April I started Lighterlife (least said about that the better lol). My diabetes consultant put me back on them a week ago, after refusing to discuss WLS. I have yet to hand in the letter she wrote for the script but I will do it tomorrow.

I've been racking my brain trying to remember what I ate last time and can't remember but I must have ate three meals a day and watched the fat intake!

I was thinking of trying LC again but I know I get fed up with it very quickly, plus I find it hard when I'm not eating at home.

I have been listening to my Paul McKenna I can make you thin cd and glenn Harrold's Lose Weight Now for the past few days but unless I change my eating habits the scales won't move!

I am very lucky I have not gained weight the way I have been binging, I was 21st 11lbs in Jan '09 and I am 19st 6lbs as of last week but I know if I cut out junk and take-aways I'd be losing every week.

My GP casually mentioned I have a fatty liver a year or two ago and said nothing more about it. I know a fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis and I need to be careful, I am going to see a dr this week and see if I can find out how bad it is.:eek:

Young Punkki/Pinki is an inspiration to all us Xenical Babes, isn't she?:D
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size 14 here I come
Good luck on your journey, there is a recipe thread on here somewhere with some great low fat meals. I like weight watchers meals bulked out with vegetables and also ww desserts :)
Thanks for the replies. I haven't brought the letter to docs yet as tbh, I am scared of failing again. I must have posted on almost every diet section on this forum only to fail.:sigh:

Plus I know I should really be on a LC plan. Just wish I could find a plan and stick to it!
I got my script about 6-8 weeks ago and forgot to go back for a wi. Plus I wasn't taking them every day so I have loads left. I'm trying to ease myself in and regulate my eating pattern. then I'll look at WHAT I'm eating.

Gonna see dr Mon and see if ive stayed the same. I'll be happy if ive not gained. lol


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You should try some slimming world recipes, they're all very low fat and would be suitable for eating whilst taking Xencial.
well that's day 3 done and dusted. it's after 1am and the old tum is gurgling, looks like i'll have another interrupted night's sleep lol but nothing i cant handle. was gonna add something else but forget what so thats my cue to go to bed lol.
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Likes to change diets...
Day four now already! i've had two meals and ate when I was hungry. Still have to slow down my eating and look for a full signal.
Good luck hunn! Sounds like you are getting there. Can I ask, what is xenical?
Good luck hunn! Sounds like you are getting there. Can I ask, what is xenical?
Hello Sorcha, thanks for popping by. :wavey: Xenical is a prescription weightloss drug. It acts in the gut rather than the brain (like Reductil and accomplia acts on the brain, Acomplia has now been banned due to adverse side effects which i can attest to). You're advised to follow a low fat diet and the tablets excretes a third of the fat you do eat in your bowel movement. Side effects can be pretty nasty if you don't eat low fat foods! You aim for no more than 15g of fat per meal and you absorb about 30g out of 45g, assuming you ate 15g per meal 3x a day.
I've been eating fattening rubbish and not really having much side effects, strangely.:confused: I am trying to concentrate on having breakfast every day within an hour of waking up as I feel better when I do. I really want to have 3 meals a day and cut out the rubbish.


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Hi Lynnella, sometimes the side effects can take up to 3 days to arrive, so be prepared just incase! I'm the same as you, I start all guns blazing, ready to really make a go of it, and then I just can't stick to it. I've tried Xenical three or four times, but I give up after a few weeks. I'm back to posting regularly here though, which really helps to keep me motivated, but I'm taking a break from Xenical to try Slim Fast for a month as a kick start to healthy eating.

Hope you're doing well, keep us updated! :)

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