ong way from maintenance but.....


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Is there anybody on here who has done the diet, lost the weight, and completed maintence entirely? I was jus wondering, If I start maintence when slightly heavier than my target weight, will I be at target by the end of it? Allowing for the water weight and glycogen to creep back obviously! EG. My final target is around 8s 11ish so if i start maintence at 9stone, will my real body weight (I say real as in including water weight and glycogen) average roughly my target! I think we need a mathamagician lmao! Hope someone can make me smaile and say the loss carries on!!!;)
would love to know too...wondering how close i really need to get to target to start maintenance..thinking of saving the dosh..been at it (with a few restarts) for almost a year!!
I've done the whole journey with Cambridge.

On cambridge you are supposed to start maintenance at BMI 27, then start moving up the plans as you will continue to lose.

The LL maintenance bit is different though, so can't help with that :(
Cant help with LL as I am unsure of how it works I am CD, I started maintainence at 11st and I am currently 10st 10lbs, I started maintainence at the end of November, but it did cock up a bit with Christmas. But I am still under goal.

One thing I can say is get to a goal weight that you never ever want to go above, I think some struggle because they never reach target, I reached my target and then i know I never want to be above 11st ever again x
I did the whole journey with LighterLife, 5 months on SS losing 7st 4lbs, and then followed the full course of food re-introduction with LL. Then swapped to CD.

I have had a couple of blips along the way, but as of today, I am exactly the same weight, to the ounce, that I was when I finished LL, though I have set myself a new target to lose a few more pounds.

I started SS with LL on 3rd Jan 2006, so it is 7 months since I finished the whole course ....

If I can help you with anything, if it is indeed LL info you are after, ask away. If not ..... :)

To answer your question about weight, based on my experience with LL. To be brutally honest, I would suggest getting to target and then going onto maintenance. I was advised otherwise by my LLC, and I have regretted listening to her ever since!

I went onto maintenance at 12st, my original target having been 11st 7lbs. Admittedly during the first couple of weeks of management I continued to lose weight, and did indeed drop another 9lbs (3lbs a week for 3 weeks) as I was still in ketosis. But as soon as the fruit re-introduction came, weight loss stopped immediately, and the body started to replenish its stores, started to retain more water (as glycogen does), and the weight started to creep back on. I slowly crept back upto 11st 10lbs ..... agreed still lower than when I went onto management, but higher than target.

I maintained at that quite easily, and through careful portion control and care in what I was eating (easy in the summer with salads), I managed to shift more weight and got myself down to 11st 6lbs again.

I am currently 11st 8lbs, and aiming to shift the 8lbs .....

I would say shift the weight whilst you are finding it easy, because (it may just be me), I find it easy enough to maintain my weight with food, but not to lose weight.

I finished lighter life at 5 stone down and followed management to the letter - I finished management at 6 stone down and have remained the same for the past 5 months.
However I know this is not true of everyone and depends how cautious you are around food - I was very careful!
My advice is get to your optimum weight [even 7lbs under] and then go into management as Glycogen weight gain can be unnerving.
Enjoy the experience of tasting food again - it is so weird
Hey guys! Thanks for replying! Had a bit of trouble of the internet so Ive just oaught up! I think my name is a little confusing! I started off on LighterLife when I found minimins but am now on Cambridge diet!!! So Im hoping to start maintenance at 9 stone, finishing on 9 stone! he he if that makes sense!!!