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Online Moral Support - Rant


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When I started this journey I subscribed to a couple of online weight loss forums. Two remained with me during these past oh, over 4 months on the way to the new me.

While I found minimins to be extremely supportive and "there" and am extremely grateful for it, the other forum saddened me. Of the ladies I started the journey with some dropped out, some vanished, one continued and a few are restarters. As my BMI decreased and the number of pounds I lost increased I noticed I was getting ignored more and more. I chucked it to my being unpleasant in general ;) or to not being regular enough of a poster and was going to ignore it but last week I posted after coming back from a business trip ecstatic that the flight was a walk in the park now with less weight and that shake-ing while at dinners with clients was not that bad and got the most shocking of lashing responses.

In an accusatory tone was told that "yeah well great, no wonder that's that 80 pounds down, no need to rub it" and so on :eek: I have to say I was surprised at the lack of support.

Now I fully understand being a bit jealous, afterall it's part of what drives us when we read success stories but for one thing I am NOT at goal and for another, only long term maintainers are somewhat out of the woods and real winners, us losers have a looooong loooong way to go.

Am I wrong to let this get to me?
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That is so out of order!!! I feel so angry for you.

Congratualtions on your business trip. It is a fantastic acheivement.

Just because they can't stick to it or haven't lost as much as you doesn't give them the right to talk to you like that. I think it's disgusting. It wasn't on this forum was it? If so I would report the person who said it.

Just forget them. Well done on your will power. Keep going, the rest will be off in no time x x

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Congrats to you on your massive weight loss. On this site we look up to those who have lost so much and people like you on here are an inspiration.

Stick to this site. Well done you xxx


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Tell us which forums they were - I want to go and see them now! ;) :D


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Thank you very much ladies, that really made my day.

I have a different name on there and I don't think it would be too elegant of me to give you the name of the forum but your indignation goes a long way!

Maybe part of that is that the predominant diet on there is a different one that has far slower loss and it's frustrating. I am trying to understand where they come from, just a few months ago I was one of the biggest people on this forum and that wasn't easy, I didn't really lash at people though. (Although, sometimes my opinions on cheating on CD were maybe, not seen as constructive and sure seemed less than ideal and tolerant.)


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OMG MisAma..
Just wanted to send you big hugs hon!! Thats awful..
You have done extremely well and should be so proud of yourself I know we are all here to support each other on this site.. thats awful..
I think that is a great achievement and dont let anyone else take that special moment away from you.
Your doing so well and should be so chuffed and happy.
Keep smiling.. I would be when I do as well as you.. x


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I can only agree with the comments already made on here already, you have worked really hard and have every right to expect support from the forum you are on. I can't EVER recall reading negativity on Minis when someone has posted about losing x amount of weight or getting into x sized clothes or getting to x stone.....i love reading about other peoples successes! Ignore the comments, feel rightly miffed and stick with us, chick! xxx


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I would be when I do as well as you.. x
What are you on about woman? You're a stick as compared to me, you're so much thinner, just the other day I was saying I am so happy you're getting under the 30 BMI on the next WI. I love your pictures.

But thank you. Yeah I've done well so if they don't like it and choose to be :jelous: instead of :) that is entirely on them. :D My day just got a million times better, ladies!
MisAma, your weightloss is excellent, I love to hear how much weight people have lost as it is an encouragement to me and makes me feel like I could achieve it too, cannot understand why someone would be upset because another person had lost more than them.... keep up the good work hun....


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MissAMA Obviously your success at loosing weight has made them all so jealous they can only lash out with self loathing. Your 82lb loss is like a mirror being held up to them, that if they had your will power they could've done that too, depending on what diet they were on. Obviously they haven't stuck to their diets and aren't doing as well as you.

I would say you don't need negative people in your life, and what ever it is, that website isn't providing support.

You've done fabulously well and are an inspiration to someone like me who is just starting out on the journey.


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Just wanted to say how well you have done, and good luck for the rest of your journey xxx


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Just wanted to agree with the above posts. Minis has been a lifeline for me, so much support and friendship and nobody judges others, there seems to be an acceptance that we are all on our individual weight loss journeys. No need for competition or envy or nastiness.

You have done so well... you are an inspiration. Stick with minis!


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