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  1. kati

    kati Gold Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hi everyone. I've been messing around with CD too much so I've made the decision to get myself some healthier eating habits and am going to join weightwatchers.

    I'm thinking of doing it online but haven't signed up yet, not sure exactly yet whether it would be better than going to meetings or not. I don't feel like I need to be weighed by anyone else to keep me motivated because to be honest that doesnt actually give me any motivation as I don't feel like it's personal enough, to the leader I'm just another number on the scales. I am shy as well so dont think I'll find supportive friends through the meetings so all I'd be going for is to get the information as a hard copy rather than having to look it up online.

    anyone else use the online weightwatchers thing? is it worthwhile or would I be better off going to the meetings?
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  3. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    To be honest I'm not a fan of WW Online simply because I don't think it's worth all the money. All I did was go to the meeting to get the books, and then I've been doing it at home with the support of family and friends and most importantly - Minimins!

    It's a personal choice, so whatever you feel happier with. I know a few of the girls here find it a lot easier going to meetings and hopefully will be along soon to explain why!

    Welcome by the way! :D
  4. kati

    kati Gold Member

    Cambridge diet
    thanks for your opinion and the welcome sparkle :)

    do you get everything you need to do the diet at the first meeting? just I thought they spread it out over the weeks you go so that you would keep going to get it all.
  5. vicster

    vicster CD addict


    I agree with that, if you get the books do it with the support you receive on here. I think that the online WW is very poor value for money.
  6. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    You're welcome! I love the little dog in your avatar!

    You do yes... They have a few more little books for the next four weeks, but I don't think they're vital. I just went to the first meeting, bought a 'starter kit' which is an eating out guide, shopping guide and journal, and I've been fine! :)
  7. kati

    kati Gold Member

    Cambridge diet
    ok thanks I will do that then. just means I have to wait a few more days to start.

    the dog in my avatar is jasper, he's much cuter than that really just my camera is rubbish lol
  8. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    Welcome to Minimins!

    I've done ww a few times before, I've tried it on my own and I've tried the meetings - the meetings are definitely best for me. You're right about just being another number on the scales for the ww leader, BUT, I would still feel really stupid (and embarrassed!) if I climbed on those scales one week and had actually gained weight! That fear keeps me on the straight and narrow (well, most of the time, enough to mean I lose every week anyway, lol).

    I, like you, am also very shy (hmm, I may get a few 'haha' comments for saying that, but honestly, I am!). I'm ok on here because no one can actually see me, but in person I'm as shy as they come. For that reason I struggled for my first few meetings because I didn't want to speak to anyone, just wanted to weigh and run - but that was fine, because that's what I do every week, I don't need to speak to anyone (the leader is bothered, so long as she's got my money then I'm sure she doesn't care what I do after that, lol).

    Maybe you could go along to your first meeting, collect your books and maybe stay for the meeting. If you don't like it, then just use the info they give you and do it at home alone, if you find you quite like the meeting (and they do actually give some really helpful info if you stay - so it's worth it if you've got time) then you can continue to go.

    I subscribed for ww online once before and I cancelled it within 24 hours - I don't think you get much for your money to be honest.

    Whatever you decide to do - GOOD LUCK!
  9. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Hi there and welcome to the WW gang ;)

    Ill add my tuppence worth - oi who said no surprise there lol

    Im doing WW on my own without classes or online, well I say on my own, I have a great support network of close friends and family and ofcourse Minimins :)

    I think if you have the motivation to stick to it and dont feel the need for a weekly weigh in, try it yourself. Im not sure how much benefit the initial booklets are in the great scheme of things.

    Personally, Id invest in a calculator, an Eating out guide and a shopping guide and thats it. I did use the WW journals but felt they were really over priced for what they were. I have a spiral bound notebook I got for 99p which I use. A new page every day... the things Ive eaten, the points in them and the total I have left and that quite honestly does me fine.

    The only thing you wont get is how to work out the points but you could invest in a handbook (from ebay ;) ) which has all that and various other tips etc or alternatively someone can copy and paste them onto here for you

    Whatever way you decide to do it, good luck and look forward to hearing how its going :)
  10. Cavycrazy

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    I am just trying the 30 free trial of the WW online, and as every else seems to have found, I dont think its worth it sadly. So will be cancelling my subscription before they start taking any money from me. :D

    From what I have seen, you can do an online diary, and get recipies etc, but the books from WW are very good and there are heaps of recipes available free on the internet for WW meals.

    As suggested why not join and get the books and then take it from there, everyone is very helpful on here :) .

    The one thing I would suggest getting is the points calculator, its invaluable for working out the points in food etc, if you do that plan.

    Best of luck what ever you decide.

    Deb x
  11. kati

    kati Gold Member

    Cambridge diet
    thanks for the tips everyone. I've printed off my join free voucher adn there's 3 meetings close by, 1 tomorrow, 1 wednesday and 1 on thursday. I dont know where the place tomorrows meeting is but its only a mile away. I know where wednesdays is but it will be very busy and I cant get to thursdays because of a school meeting so would mean having to wait an extra week to start.... So I'm going to try to get to find tomorrows meeting other wise 'll be the wednesday one for me.
  12. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    Good luck with your first meeting - let us know how you get on!
  13. kati

    kati Gold Member

    Cambridge diet
    will do thankyou :)
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