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Online vs Clubs

i like the support and social aspect of the meeting also the fact that i have to get on the scales and theres no hiding it keeps me motivated


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I to like going to club, I am also not to good at first time meetings with people have had no contact with previously.

I now find I look forward to group and its heling me stick to plan, its actually a good laugh.

I aso went to WW meetings for 3 weeks I found it so unfriendly and barely anyone would speak to me that I left and packed in the plan.

So for me a good friendly group is in itself part of my overall experience in losing weight and i'm not sure I could do it without their encouragement if i'm honest.


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I prefer the group situation too. I'm ok meeting new people, though I do worry...but the main thing is that you hear loads and loads of new things to try from other members at the class.



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I also prefer groups, being held accountable keeps me on track and there's the healthy competition amongst us. I've also made a few friends there and we all go out to brunch after class so its also a nice way to hang out with like minded people. I think a lot of SW groups are so warm and welcoming that even if you were shy you'd still feel comfortable.

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I really enjoying going to group - I look forward to it each Thursday and as others have said it keeps me on track each week xx
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I have little time and am mega tight so i follow at home with my sw pack i got by going to one meeting and recipe books and magazines. I use minimins for support and social and it is working (and has worked) for me :)
Most people are nervous about walking into new situations - it's just that some people are better at hiding it than others!

While you are in the process of making changes to your life, why not take the opportunity to try to be better at social occasions, starting with a SW class? If you really don't like it after giving it a go, you can give up, but at least you will have tried.
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I hated social situations when I started SW and was really nervous on attending my first class. It must have been ok cause I went back and I have been back each week for just over 2 years now.

I have noticed that as my weight has come off my confidance has grown in social situations so now I am much happier about 'making the first move' and speaking to a new group memeber.

If you have the time and cash to spare give it a go, till you try it you wont really know if it is the way for you or not.


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I'm loving my classes! Our consultant is so fun, motivating and inspiring I get loads out of them! I really need the pressure of weighing infront of someone and also of having my loss/gain(!) read out infront of everyone! It really spurs me on to have a good week, and so far 6/7 times I've lost! I don't think I could do it alone anywhere near as successfully! I need that discipline and the social support network! Of course Minimins is also great for support, inspiration and ideas but I love to be face to face and having a laugh with people as well! The saying that someone quoted that really stuck with me was "When you've had a bad week that's when you need the group and when you've had a good week that's when the group needs you!!" I really agree with this!X


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My view is that going to group is the best option if you can do that. When I used to go to group, I found that the fact that I had to go out especially and get weighed by someone really helped keep me motivated during the week. Even when I was a bit off-plan I'd go, because it would help bring me back into line!

I'm having to do the plan online now as I'm living in Australia and SW isn't done over here. I have in the past tried to do the plan solo, but again without the discipline of paying SW and therefore wanting to get value for money, I haven't been able to motivate myself to stay focussed. I don't like wasting money, so I've enrolled online this time and am finding that having to weigh-in weekly and record my weight online is keeping me on track.

I would however add that I am convinced that a major contributing factor in my slow but steady success so far has been MiniMins. I miss getting ideas and feedback etc from the group sessions but I'm getting that from you lovely people on this site - you're really helping me heaps! Thankyou! :flowers:
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I personally find that having a weigh-in at group every week is whats keeping me going with the plan. Its that and minimins which is making this so successful for me. I cant say that I stay for the talk after weigh-in every week cause I dont. My reasons for not staying after is because I have a 18 month old who really needs me at home to put her to bed. I have stayed to a couple so far and aim that once every month I stay just enough to stay in the loop. I also like the fact that I know I have the support of my consultant should I start to struggle.

The way im doing it is working for me and im really happy with that, the fact im losing every week (so far) has given me value for my money. Everyone is different hun, maybe give the group a go and see what you think.
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I have been an online member for 20 months and it works perfectly for me, (did classes previously and I didn't like them) but........

There wil be success/failure stories for both options- what you have to do is decide what will work for you. Do you need the discipline of a public weigh-in, personal support, a tailored approach that you would get from a consultant, group support, etc or would you be happier with more generic support accessible any time, no personal interaction with anyone, weigh-in's that you can control the time of, not having to leave the house, etc

Good luck with your choice


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I can't always stay for class but I do like hearing how people have done with their losses.

For me I know that Im paying to be weighed on accurate scales whereas mine at home are Salter but give totally different readings.

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