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only 1lb

hi all
had my weigh in today so dissapointing only lost 1lb

i feel so demotivated

i mean 1lb :cry::cry::cry:
More than I lost I STS (and I didn't even cheat!!!:eek:)
Look on the bright side, you'll have a great loss next week and it's 1lb less than you weighed last week!;)


Must do it this time
hey hun,
sorry your disappointed with your lose this week,but its still a loss and the scales are going in the right direction,dont be disheartened as you can expect a great loss next week.
maybe you are due you totm,
chin up hun,
elaine x


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im thinking of startng ss from tommorw that might work ive been on ss+ with the 200cal. is their alot of difference in them both (weight loss)


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nope just finished my totm been on for 3weeks


Must do it this time
i do ss+ and my losses are on par with anyone thats on ss.
they say that there is only 1-2lb difference a month with ss+.
why dont you give it another week and see how you go and if you are not happy then maybe change then,
elaine x


Must do it this time
what about water intake,if you dont drink enough your body will hold onto all it can and this will add to your weight!!


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yeah i might do that. thanks


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i have upto 3litres a day excluding the water in the shake and tea

it adds up to about 4
dont be to down, its still a pound :) and at least you lost and didnt gain which is the main thing. bet you will have a fab loss next week :)

becky x
It could be due to water retention because you were on TOTM for 3 weeks and you could still be holding onto water. You're still 1lb down tho which is fab. You should take your measurements to see if there is any difference there because scales are funny things.

You're doing so well with the diet, you'll probably lose loads next week since you had a small loss this week. You could try SS if you want, but i think its about about 2lbs difference in loss per month. Stay strong sweetie, you can do it xx
thanks ladies ill stick with the ss+ cas i think the meal is the main thing i look forward to...

ill try it for another week then we will see i really hope i do lose more then just 1lb

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