Only 3 more days


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Only 3 more days until I start my CD journey and I can't wait :)

How quickly did you start seeing the scales go down?
The scales went done everyday in the first week for me!

Good Luck.

Dizzy x
Hi Lisalooo

if your gonna do SS, you;ll see the scales go down from day 1, my scales dropped every day, 2 weeks and i'm down 14lbs out of 60, its well worth it, drink loads of water its the channel for the fat to escape from your body

Cheers Caz
welcome - you will start to feel your clothes looser after just 3 days !! Good Luck on your journey - you will probably find that you will be going down a clothes size every 3-4 weeks on the program. Its fantastic - you will succeed - Merry Xmas
Merry Christmas, the scales will drop dramatically at first, but dont be a slave to them, are you getting weighed at counsellors or at home??