Only another 99 days to go!


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:) Well that's 1 whole day done. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I still have another soup or shake to go. Yipee! I can either have a chicken soup before I go to bed or a Vanilla shake. I really like the Vanilla but whichever one I go for I will have to have the other for breakfast. Chicken soup for breakfast is not good!
I managed to have my 4l of water much to my surprise. There must be something in the packs that make you want to drink more. I've even been drinking tea alongside. Luckily I had a day at home with the children before they go back to school as I've spent alot of it on the loo.
Hubby rang for a sanity check and I think he was quite surprised to hear me in such good spirits. I'm even feeling quite giddy. It's probably because I am actually doing something about the weight rather than arguing with myself about it.
Off to my LL meeting tomorrow morning - Life really is looking great at the moment...
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day 3 was my worse so don't be too busy that day ........well done ....i'm on day 98 !!!!


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Thank you all of you. It's nice to get some encouragement and to know that someone is listening to me out there. I went to LL meeting today and came back buzzing with excitement. I was also starving because it was during lunch.
I got the 2 sweet and 1 savoury water flavours just for a bit of variety. I'll hang on for a couple of days to have those though. There weren't any more Vanilla packs left, so they must be quite popular. I had one this morning and whisked it up with crushed ice. It was delicious. I don't want too many of them though because I don't want to get fed up with them and they can be like a bit of a treat. Might try moussing it sometime.