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only lost 1lb

ooook i was super good this week i had 8 syns a day or slightly less and i have only lost 1lb i know a loss is better than a gain but it was flickering between 197 which i was and 196 then stopped on 196.9 so i have bearly lost a pound. so im not really sure what i should do, do you think i should try having a few syn free days this week? the week b4 last i only lost 1 lb as well and i ate all my syns everyday, any thoughts?

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Hi Jennifer,

I see you've lost a lot of weight already. Sometimes our weight loss plateau's and we need to shake up our eating habits a little.

Don't deprive yourself of your Syns - maybe sit down and look at what your eating and just change things around.

I know with SW, bigger losses are achievable, but mostly 1 to 2 lbs a week is the norm and is best for sustaining weight loss long term. Boring I know, but alas it is true.

Every pound lost is one less to worry about!

Maybe talk with your consultant too...



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You could try having lots of super free foods or a few days of success express. Also, make sure your drinking plenty and eating lots of free foods. Being "too" good can hinder rather than help.
I had two weeks where i lost 1 pound per week and was really not happy at all, so I know where you're coming from.

I found out what my problem was during last week. I was eating at least 2 Alpen lights per day, sometimes three, every day. I was using them as 1 HExB and any extra were syns (3). I think I OD'd on them. I didn't have any at all last week and lost 4 pounds. I don't burn carbs off very well and stick to red days. Obviously the Alpen lights were too much carb for my system to burn off.

Is there anything you eat regularly that might slow you down? Try to vary your food as much as you can. If you stick to the same things your body gets used to it. As has been mentioned, drink plenty of water as that keeps your system flushed

A pound is a pound.. and it's off, so well done for that - keep up the good work
thanks ladies :) i guess ill look at what im eating i only do green days cos im a vegetarian, i dont know what success express is, i dont actually go to slimming world meetings i am an old member i had to leave becos of a medical condition but i haven't had any problems following it on my own but this site has been super helpful :) i guess i eat alot of pasta, i shall try having a little less pasta and more of something else like er veg or something see if that makes any dif!

whys it so much easier to put on like 5 lbs in one week than it is to take it off! :p
oooo i just realised i have been eating those low fat super noodles and i never used to eat them b4 ooooooo i will try only having a packet every few days instead of everyday!
A lb is a lb...so YAY YOU!! And if you're being really good, perhaps it will show next week.

As others have said (all excellent advice) perhaps you need to mix it up a bit with foods. Maybe have a couple of days where you have 10-15 syns and others where you only have about 5. Up your S and SS foods and drink lots of water. Perhaps it's a plateau and you need to do something different. Experiment!

Everyone has weeks they aren't too happy but you've lost and that's the main thing :)


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Pick up something that weighs a pound and see how long you can hold it on your outstretched arm. You'll soon realise that though it only seems like a little amount, to speak about it, it's actually not an insignificant amount of weight... and now you're putting that little bit less stress on your knees and back, etc. It's a triumphant success! Revel in it!
i havent tried mug shot victoria but i read someone on here say they tasted like sick lol where can you buy them? just at a super market?

thanks helliecopter , edwin and minders as well its so nice that ppl on here care enough to give advice! :D
As everyone says... one gone not one gained is far better.

If you are at a standstill have you thought about exercise... just a couple of times a week... helps with loads of things.. confidence.. muscles toning etc and will give you a boost.

Also are you drinking enough fluid.

You will be ok... we are all here for you x
i measure myself everyweek as well as weigh myself, coz sometimes on those weeks where the scales are mean when youv been good, when u actually measure yourself i have usually lost in measurements rather than weight, which i think is just as important, measure yourself this week then try it next x


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It's easier to put on hon caeuse the fat cell is there waiting even when you lose weight the fat cell doesn go it just sits there waiting to grow or be filled or whatever once there , there thats it , stupid fat cells grrr. Try doing a week of foods you never tried that will mix things up.
i havent tried mug shot victoria but i read someone on here say they tasted like sick lol where can you buy them? just at a super market?

thanks helliecopter , edwin and minders as well its so nice that ppl on here care enough to give advice! :D
That was me but it was only the cheese one which is synned anyway. The noodle ones are yummy and so are the tomato and herb pasta ones as well
well i tried this week having all my syns one day then only 2 to 5 sometimes 0 the next i ate different foods to usual and i still lost 1 lb i guess its just me at the min i mean i am glad im losing but only 1 lb a week is quite annoying when im trying so hard! but thank u every1 for ur advice =)