only lost 2 pounds


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Hiya hun, its still a loss and some people have said it does tend to slow down when ya reach your goal weight!! Good luck for next week


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Well done it till counts. Are you measuring also because sometimes you loose inches to.


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Well done on the 2lbs may still fluctuate from week to week,so may be bigger next week,good luck!!! Caz xx


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2lb is 2lb. 2 bags of sugar you no longer have to carry around.

As for the Chemist, ignore what they say!!! It is different for everyone, it depends how active you are, whether you are still downing gallons of water, TOTM, how much you still have to lose etc etc.If you are getting nearer to your end target you will get the odd week of 1-2lb los, but that doesnt mean you still wont get some weeks witha 4lb loss.

Dont get disheartened, dont give up, dont be tempted and you are doing so well. A 2lb loss on any other diet regime would be welcomed with open arms, such is the success of LT that 2lb is met with a touch of dissapointment, but it shouldnt be. A loss is a loss, and 2lb still makes a big difference!!!


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Hey 2lb is great just think its still 2lb gone forever and as people as said it depends on the person how much weight they lose x


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Don't be too disheartened, 2lb is still a good loss. :)


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thanks guys am hopin i loose more this week,to be honest iv been a lazy cow the past 2 weeks so back to the gym on monday for me,thanks for your support.yeah i should be grateful i lost anythin at all,wil let u know how i get on on weigh day :D