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Only lost a pound

Dont be too disheartened hun, that 1lb is a pound thats never going to be on your body again!! Its still off and like you say you are on your period and blipped!!

You are doing fab, dont let it upset you just try and stay focused and get guzzling that water!!

Lets have a fab week together xx
Thank you hun, I'll drink my (water!) to a good week together too! :D x
It's 1lb in the right direction!! You have identified why it's a small loss, so use that to focus on a 100% week and a nice loss next weigh in :)


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To be honest, you might only have lost 2 pounds in week 2 anyway - that often happens, much to everyone's disappointment. No one's too sure why, but it's generally thought the body's clinging to water to get over the shock of a big week one loss. So the fact that you still lost a pound, despite having a blip and TOTM is a really good sign.

Stay 100% this week - and not only will you lose the weight you should lose over the course of next week, you'll lose the weight you would've lost this week as well!

That's the thing about blips - the temporary weight gain they cause is disproportionate to the damage you actually did - 150 extra calories or so can't possibly make much difference to the fat you definitely will have lost (but isn't showing up on the scales because you regained some water and glycogen).

Water's surprisingly heavy stuff... :)


please try again
sorry but to me thats a great result.
i had a small blip last thursday and GAINED 13lb! 9lb of it has come off so unless a miracle happens tonight im facing a 4lb gain at my weigh in tomorrow morning


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I know I had a small blip yesterday with an ice cream, I also blipped thursday and have had my period but still, only 1lb is a disappointment :( I'll have to try harder next week x
Hey a 1lb is still good it's a 1lb off :D I lost 1lb on Sunday I have been 100 percent no blips but I am not sad as overall the lossess have been great & we are moving in the right direction it's a lb off not a lb on so be proud it's not easy to loose a lb :D xx


Must do it this time
Have you ever seen a LB of fat,its alot more than you think.
Well done and dont be too disappointed,just look to next week.Also as lily said week 2 is almost definetly a smaller loss as week one was so good...and yours was as you lost 8lb.


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1lb is still a loss - which is great. My CDC said never think about the weekly losses - always focus on total loss - its been a great approach for me - so in 2 weeks you've lost 10lbs - thats impressive. Keep going ;-)
at least its a loss hun after 2 blips , thats great its all counting down on the scales

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