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Ooo Exciting

This Forum is fantastic. I've been lurking for about a week since I decided to restart SW, but figured I should bite the bullet and post! I lost a couple of stone a few years ago with Slimming World then not so much fell as leaped off the wagon into laziness and a vat of junk food.

I realised that I need to view it as a complete change in habits, not just a means to an end. I also had a slight nudge from my boyfriend. After informing him that I think I would quite like babies in about 2 years, he agreed but looked sheepish. When I pushed the point he said (firstly that he loved me and please don't take this the wrong way but) he thought it would be a good idea for me to lose some weight as he was concerned about problems and complications. He reminded me that I had lost weight before and could do it again and that he would be supportive of me and when we moved back in together in May (We've lived together before but my job forced a move apart) he'd do the slimming world diet with me.

Sorry, bit of a babble but he kind of said it in a rushed way like he expected me to be upset and hit him. Thankfully I understood that in the long run he's just looking out for me. What he didn't know is that I think subconsciously I had already realised I needed to change as I had bought and stashed away the SW Magazine for the New Year. :D

So I restarted on January 3rd, I live in Birmingham City Centre and struggled to find a group that wasn't a trek so I'm going it alone... hence why I think this forum is fantastic as I think I'm going to need the support until May when I move and can more easily get to a group. I stick to a mixture of EE and Green days as I have never ever ever managed a red day, I'm not a massive meat eater and usually get such a craving for potato or pasta halfway through the day that I end up switching back to EE.

It's a Star week so it maybe wasn't the best planning but we'll see how I've done come tomorrow night. I certainly wasn't going to put it off any longer :)

Oops, sorry for being a mega rambler but I'm suddenly a little gung ho about my journey and the fact I might not be totally on my own for the first few months as I thought :D
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Hi and welcome! I'm new too but been lurking for ages, I love this site, loads of helpful advice and support!

Good luck with your weight loss, you sound very determined! :)
Thanks Lola. Good Luck with yours too. Lets hope we both stay determined :)
I'm new here too, joined sw on tues and I'm hoping to lose 4st, finding wk 1 ok hopefully have lost wen it comes to weigh in
Good luck with ur weight loss x
Hi Stacey,

Thank you. My first time round with SW, I remember worrying that I wouldn't loose or that I was doing it wrong but I think I lost 4lbs. I'm sure you'll have lost if you are sticking to the plan, let me know how you get on.

I have between 4-5 stone to lose so we are in the same boat :)


On A Mission!
HI Nymple, so glad you have decided to get back to the plan, and i think its lovley that your bf is supportive but also accepting of your weight issues. It was good that you didnt overeact to him in a negative way and took on board the constructive comments. Im sure he will be really suporitive and thats so important. I dont think my hubby really beleived I would stick to losing weight, but now ive lost it i get a lot of negatives from him about how im too thin (haha, chance would be a fine thing) and he doesnt understand my panic at the possibility of it all going back on again.
So to have a supportive partner is really key to success.

This forum is a life saver too, it keeps you focussed and allows you to discuss all the problems we face, which really helps to keep it in perspective. Good luck with your plan!
Thanks Lynn! I'm glad I didn't react negatively too, I think I needed a little nudge from someone to get my head in the right place. Sorry your partner isn't more supportive. Your weight loss is amazing! I think you must have had amazing determination to stick at it. It's pretty inspirational to someone like me who is just starting out :cool:

I'm hoping this forum helps me to keep my determination up as well. I worry about boring my slim friends to death with stuff they don't understand so it's nice to have found a different outlet for my weight and diet woes :D
Thanks Irene :)

I haven't yet but I intend to... eventually when I stop getting distracted reading everyone else's posts.
I lost 3lbs and 3.5 inches :D Pretty fantastic. I'm more than stoked!

Good luck for tomorrow I hope you do well too :)
I'm sure you will have great news... I doubt you'll need it but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :D

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