Oooh, hard going in week four

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  1. I've been sticking to CD properly, have not cheated and am half way through week 4. Had a great loss in weeks 1 and 2 (18lbs) but the scales crept up in week 3 and I ended up actually gaining 2lbs. I gave myself a talking to ... you know, "you cannot NOT lose weight on 500 cals a day", "it's just the bodily fluctuations", etc. Luckily the creepage crept back off and I'm now 19lbs lighter than I was on 9 March, when I started.

    However, it has been a STRUGGLE. I've been playing head games with myself and letting myself feel deprived, and wanting food and wine. I haven't succumbed but by God it's been hard. It really shows you how easy it is to lose motivation and to give in to temptation.

    Today I have been properly hungry. I have had 3 and a half packs and my first cup of Marigold. Didn't taste marvellous.

    Here are my other things I think when tempted to come off the CD:

    If you don't lose it now, WHEN?
    You'll eat it/drink it and then it will be gone. AND you'll feel horrible.
    Think how guilty you'll feel tomorrow.
    How do you want this food/drink to make you feel if you do have it?

    I'm planning my AAM week and I am so excited :) Starts this Sunday after my weigh-in. I'm hoping to have reached 21 lbs loss then.

    Good luck to everyone on here and to me!
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    morning. hope today is a day free of evil little voice in head chipping away at your progress.

    Good luck to you.

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