OOOOHHHHHH Nearly 2 stones!!!


Goodbye Tum


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Well done hunni that is amazing! x

Blue Butterfly

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That is absolutely fantastic, well done you! x


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Wow well done dutch, keep it up


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Congratulations thats great news and a great loss so quick.


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Excellent.That is brilliant, especially for a female.Bet you that will encourage a few people (and yourself!) to stick at it xx



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Dutch said:
Had a crafty mid week weigh, so far I'm five pounds down, one more pound and I've dropped two stones in three weeks yippeeeeeeeeee.

Right, off to have my hot chocolate with my new shiny magazine while baby sleeps mmmmhhhh

Hi, I'm only on day 4 of exante, and this afternoon feeling really tired and bit light headed, surprisingly it's not really the hunger too much that has got to me!! When will i reach ketosis?!? Or am i there and i just dont know it and still feel crap! Just read your message-2 stone in 3wks?? That's amazing, very inspiring!! Is that total solutions? That's what I'm doing.
Anyway just wanted to say hi & well done and you are motivating me to keep going!! Thanks! X


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Well done


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woohoo...well done you! It's great to see a positive post (especially from my flu bed!!)

Keep up the great work. Have you much more to lose?


Goodbye Tum
hi, i'm on ts and will be losing another five stones so not far to go really, it flies past can't wait for nice thin summer holidays last one i was six months pregnant i managed to pile on nearly five stones it was the cheese and doughnuts and piles of stuffing, yorkshire puddings and gravy ooooops

Beaut x.

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I've figured out how to post on here!! hahaa,
Becka xxx

Beaut x.

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A big well done! You don't know how much that inspires and motivates me! I've just started exante. Can I ask what your starting weight and height are? x