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I am so angry. I have been doing this for almost 11 weeks now and done brilliant, having only inteded to stick at this for a max of 5 weeks.

Well.... I finally have a new home for my baby and I, it was a mad rush weekend, involving decorating a whole apartment and getting carpets down. 1st day I had shake for brek, but I was feeling so faint, trying to paint all day I just had to eat. I ended up having a chicken pasta salad, then I ended up eating biscuits, and day 2 kfc! My stomach is in agony from it and I never enjoyed any...well the kfc was amazing but dont want to get into that again.

I am back starting shakes again, with most of diy complete I feel I can continue, but this is now the hardest. I have put on 5lbs from that weekend I feel so cross.

I cant do this much longer, need to refeed but I will have to go for another 2 weeks at least to get off what I put on an more.

sob, sob, sob.
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Don't be angry, you've done amazing so far. Moving house is one of the most stressful things in life, and you are only human. If you start again and stick to it 100%, I'm sure you will drop the 5lbs in a week, most of the weight you will have gained will be the cells filling up with water as a result of eating too many carbs.
Don't beat yourself up, you can do it!
We all fall off the wagon Hun don't beat yourself up!! It's done now and your getting back on track and only two or three weeks till refeeding you can do that if you can do 11 weeks!!! :) that five lb is mostly water that'll be gone in a day or two!! Chin up and good luck xx
yeah I am betting you will loose that 5 lb in the next few days .. for every 1lb of glycogen ( carb) weight you gain you store 4 lb in water .. so in fact you only gained 1 lb ...... I had a bad weekend last weekend and weighed myslef on monday .. and 8 lb gained ... come friday (WI) I has LOST 1.5 lb .. so got rid of all I put on and more .. so dont depair !!
If you do want to carry on , pick yourself up and get back on track , if you do want to come off .. look at another plan maybe
whatever you descide to do , dont beat yourself up and good luck :)


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Thanks guys, you have made me feel better! I hope it will come off by wed for weigh in or I will be in trouble lol!

once I get this day out the way I should be ok.

Cant believe I dont really like biscuits anymore lol I want to keep it that way.!

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