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Oops :( FAILED!


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Oops, i majorly fell off the wagon this week, and it was only my first week! how bad is that?!?!?!:mad::confused::(:eek::sigh:

i sometimes just cant help my self!!!

would it be easier on a TFR diet or not? to disassociate my self from food????


Start Again tomorrow :)
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only you can decide if a toal vlcd is the way forward for you, but good luck with whatever you decide. If you decide to stick with SF, then draw a line under your lapse and move forward x
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It is hard, we all ahve bad times. If it was easy we wouldn't all be here on this journey. Just take one day at a time, what is done is done, so don't worry about it. Just go through each day as best you can, trying for a 100% day and once you have one, try for another.

Up to you and how you feel if you think a TFR diet may be better/easier for you. Maybe just try the Sf for a bit longer and see how it goes??

Good luck x


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Hey hun

Sorry for long post but thought i'd give you my sf and cd story.

I just wanted to say in the past i've always done slimfast and gym and always lost my excess weight:p.
But in 2007 I had an accident and had to leave my active job as an equestrian groom to do an office job. slowly over 18 months i put on 3 stone, so in feb this year I decided to do cambridge diet and i'm not saying this is the case for everyone but cd has messed my head up and my relationship with food, i lost over a stone in few weeks but had a blip and struggled to get back on the wagon, I craved food i never craved in past like chocolate, crisps. bread so would binge and i'm now the heaviest i've ever been in my life, so i'm back on slimfast as also find it more socialable, it is one of the most forgiven diets out there, i've had a bad weekend on it in the past and still lost:D also i find i'm in control of what i eat, not the food controlling me. There is people that swear by tfr diets, but end of the day chick you know deep down what is best for you...the cd/ll forum can help with the decision, but as each individual forum on here is very bias towards it's allocated diet(obviously):p .

Good luck with what you decide to do hun x
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i have tried slimfast and i also failed, i couldnt do the no eating thing at all and just felt so hungry. it just wasnt for me, maybe it is not for you also
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I had a similar problem to you. In the last year I've tried Slimfast (9lbs), Slimming World (4lbs) and calorie counting (2lb gain) and always went off the rails or dwelled in the gray areas of the diet. On Slimfase I eeked out every last calorie and drank wine on most days. I saw Slimming World as a ticket to at platefulls of sin free chips and tin after tin of hoops, not to mention half a chicken as snack - It taught me nothing about portion control!

I've done Lighter Life before and lost weight but gave up far too easily as I didn't really want to lose the weight that despeartely. Now I've started on it again and it's going great. The best part for me is not having to bother with food - on this diet, if you eat you cheat. It's that simple. I'm taking three/four months out of my life to deal with my weight and why I eat as much/often as I do. If you have issues with food LL will help you deal with those.

Try it and see. It looks expensive but when you consider the cost of a take away or a bottle of wine twice a week it's not that much more.

Good Luck!

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I have the utmost respect for people who try vlcd but I would never ever consider it! I know that you don't have to deprive yourself of anything to lose weight and before SW I had an unhealthy relationship with food. There are other options out there!


Girl on a mission
G: 11st7lb
i have tried slimfast and i also failed, i couldnt do the no eating thing at all and just felt so hungry. it just wasnt for me, maybe it is not for you also

On slimfast you can eat:p you only replace 2 meals with the shakes then have a healthy dinner and also up to 3 snacks of 100 cals a day. if you did slimfast as a sole source diet you would be VERY hungry as isn't meant to be used in that way:eek:
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I found with diets where you couldnt have food at all just the replacement shakes that i would crave food even more ... not because i was hungry but because i missed the sensation of eating... chewing swallowing etc
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Yes I myself wouldn't be able to do a TFR plan, I love eating too much and know I couldn't stick with it. But for some people they do work really well, it's up to the individual at the end of the day. We're all different and you need to find the right plan for you, once you do it becomes a biy easier to stick with it.

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