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Chasing the Rainbow
Fell off the wagon a bit yesterday.

Been so fed up since i got my bottom braces on cos I just can't chew most meats which limits my choices even more than they already were. You look on the archwired website the whole list of foods they suggest to eat is chips, bread, mashed potato , baked beans etc etc the list just goes on and on. I was so sick of not being able to eat ANYTHING, working two jobs means i spent 2 meal times where i have to eat infront of people which meant i was just living on atkins shakes and the lowest carb processed soups i could find, i was clinging on to sanity and ketosis by the skin of my teeth, and well yesterday i'd just had enough :break_diet:

i am getting straight back on it today though, not turning a cheat day into a a cheat weekend or a cheat week. Hope it doesnt take me 3 weeks to feel ok again though :sigh:
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This is for life
Dont beat yourself up. Here's a push up onto the wagon (i'm off too!). Lots of water to flush it all out and you should be fine:D


Chasing the Rainbow
shall we compare how bad we were?

Friday night i had a chicken tikka masala and 1 and a half onion bhajis, no rice or chips or naan bread though so it was recoverable.

Then on saturday when i finished worked we were trapsing round town chasing our tales in the rain, i was proper hungry (probably cos the indian knocked me out of ketosis anyway) and proper pissed off, was going to have a subway salad but my braces were hurting like the hell so i had a hissy fit and got a cheese pasty :confused:

THEN i decided because i'd already ****ed the day up i would go full hog and we had a chinese, i had chicken curry (cos the one the night before was sooo immensely lush) with chips AND rice , and a packet of mccoys while i was wating (eeeeeeek)

worst thing was it was minging, the fried rice was greasy,the chips were underdone, and the curry was soooo mediocre and pretty much ruined by the rice and chips.

I should thank that chinese turning **** now as it was my favourite before!!!

Anyway having some cheese and bacon for brunch in a bit and roast chicken with cabbage and leeks later for tea. Then i am going to cook up some chicken and leek soup for work lunchs. Have you fallen off the wagon before? did it take long to feel ok again?


This is for life
Lol - not sure comparing bad habits would help;). To be fair mine was a planned jump down so i am happily back on track today. So far not feeling too bad - glugging lots of water and got lots of atkins friendly snacks ready for the nibblies:) problem is you never know how badly it will hit the scales!

To confess my sins at dinner last night - gosh that freshly baked wholemeal roll was good! A little bit of pastry - well just a mouthfull. Chocolate souffle with a little sorbet - wow was that fantastic. All washed down with copious amounts of wine...and port...and a small glass of sugar..i mean sweet dessert wine:D
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