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Open University- Decided


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Hi all,

Is anybody out there studing for a degree through the open uni whos brain i could pick please.

Am really struggling with which course to choose its between, Business, Psychology or an open degree. How did you choose what course to go for.

Do you do the degree round your employment

Have looked at there web-site and got loads of info but I'm so confused
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Hi hun
I think it really depends on what you are planning to do with the degree. If its for a specific job then that will affect your choice. If you are doing it for other reasos I would choose the one that interests you most. Check out all the modules available for the course, some will be compulsory. And make sure you will enjoy them Good luck :)


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I do open uni.. so does my mam.. "ireneH"..
I love it.. its part time.. 15 hours a week.. approx.. depending on the course i guess.. its a really good way to do it..

x x


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I would love to do pyschology but feel business would be more beneficial. I have not a career in mind really which i suppose doesn;t help but am worried that if I do an open degree, where you pick bits from different subjects, it may not appeal to employers as much as a set subject. If that makes sense
Then I would say go for the psychology which interests you most. Its a great subject. Not all degrees are job specific only things like medicine, vets are. Not even teachers are required to have a degree in the subject they teach. OU degrees are well respected by emploters, if you have a degree it shows that you can commit to something and achieve it. :)


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Hi, I do the Business degree, started last October, passed first course now and on second one...you do it in your own time, I work full time and managed to get the deadlines (even with reading the material week b4 assignment due!!) I would say go for it - I found the site confusing, call someone up here, they are very helpful...anymore questions, if you have msn add me and I will chat to you there and can also put you in touch with my friend who is doing psychology degree.

[email protected]


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Hi Vicki,

Thanx for your reply, think I will def have to give them a call this afternoon, have not got a comp at home yet but is it ok to email ya if I need to pick your brains. Hows your friend finding pyschology
My friend is doing the law degree by O/U and she loves it...she even goes and sits in court and observes cases.
Echo what Daisybank says - do what interests you the most. Didn't go the OU route but did a Business Studies degree mainly because I thought it would be "useful" and help me get a job. (and I could continue my French post A-level without have to do boring literature!!)

Even though I had a great time, and enjoyed it and was successful - If I had my time again I would choose a subject that interested me more!

As you're doing OU whilst working as well - you'll be spending a lot of your hard-earned free time studying and so its really important you really enjoy it!

Would love to retrain as a lawyer - didn't know you could do law at the OU - mmmn - will check it out!

Good luck with whichever you course you choose and good on you for wanting to improve yourself

Carol x


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Well Thanx to all you guys I have decided to choose doing a mix of subjects so will be doing a degree in psychology and business. Would love to be a barrister or a solicitor but due to a bit of a wild childhood think these options are closed now.
If you really want to do law hun then go for it, doors are there to be opened!!
Why don't you look into it Law first - are they really that strict? If you were just a kid and a "reformed character" will they really not give you a chance? Once you have your first degree there are routes to convert that to a law degree (more expensive way of doing it though)

Go for it!

Carol x


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I studied law at A Level and we learnt alot about the processes of becoming a barrister/solicitor just seemed alot of it came down to who you know
Probably wouldn't let me in either then!!!! You'll possibly do a fair bit of law on your business modules, I studied employment law, contract law and tort on mine - favourite subjects - became a complete law bore and drove my flatmates mad!

Do whatever feels right for you

Carol x


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Firstly just wanted to say thanx to everyone for there imput and to Kitteh for her help over PM.

Have decided on doing a law degree it was something I always wanted to do through school but thought I wouldn't be able to do but I am gonna go for it.

Big thanx again to everyone
glad you are going for it hun - good luck!! I found it was best to study for something you really want to do and are interested in. It helps when the work gets tough! I will know where to come in 3 years time when I need legal advice!! You may be able to get funding - its worth looking into.
Check out this link - the government have developed CDL (career development loans) which means you can borrow money to fund your learning and not pay back until 1 month after you start earning!!

How Career Development Loans work : Directgov - Education and learning

The quote below is from the OU web site - worth looking into
Good luck x

"Study at the OU can be debt-free. The courses cost a lot less than other universities, and most importantly, if you are earning less than £15,700 a year you might get your fees paid for. "


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Have had a look at the financial calculator on there web-site and I would be eligiable for the full amount nothing stopping me. Thanx


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Firstly just wanted to say thanx to everyone for there imput and to Kitteh for her help over PM.

Have decided on doing a law degree it was something I always wanted to do through school but thought I wouldn't be able to do but I am gonna go for it.

Big thanx again to everyone
Wishing you all the best Gemma!!!

Love Mini xxx

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