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open university?


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not me, but my friend from my course did a few things with them and then jumped straight into third year at Uni!! they're pretty good so I hear :)
i just started my fourth year after having last year off. i'm doing introducing religions. it's a level 2, 60 credits. i just got my first tma back. 72% woohoo! had forgotten how hard work it is fitting everything in, but i shall plod on as ever! i'm working towards a degree in international studies. what have you studied?


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I did arts and social sciences including a religion one. Congrats on getting a good score and getting back into it after a year. I did 6 years in a row. and went into teaching after the degree
Irene xx


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Think Icemoose is starting a course with them:rolleyes:


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I am doing "working with children in the early years" a level 1 course, I did an opening course last year to see if I would be capable. Anyway I am working on my first TMA and have a tutorial tomorrow.
hey sonya. how are you getting on with it? i think ou is great. it's a big commitment but it's such an accessible and cheap way to get qualifications when you're working x


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Yeh Im enjoying it, though Ihave not been able to concentrate on it 100% as I have been visiting my brother in hospital in the last few weeks so Iv had other things on my mind......but Im certainly not behind from looking on the O.U site.


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Hi GreenDayJen, I'm half way through a computing course with the OU but have taken the last year off too. Am looking to get back into it soon, how're you finding going back to it after a break?


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Hi guys,

I did a Certificate in Health and Social Care with OU in 2000 as a lead up to starting my Social Work degree. It was the only practical way of studying with a 2 year old at the time as I did my work when she had a nap. I didnt believe it can be done, but it can.

I found them excellent in every way and got loads of support and guidance from my tutor. I'm considering going back to study further maybe later this year as I can do it at my pace and pay for it monthly if I choose :)
going back after a year off is a shock to the system but as it turned out i'm glad i took last year off cos during that year i got made redundant, bought a house and split up with my fiance. don't think i'd have had time! lol. everything back on track this year i'm pleased to say x
My husband did a degree in Computer Science with OU and he loved it. I am considering doing a short course with them and see if I can take it any further.
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I'm currently working towards a degree in Geoscience, on my third course so far and all going well :) I love it.
I'm on my first-and last-course with them. Am supposed to be working towards a History degreee, but I'll have to just bite the bullet, give up my job and go to uni!
The admin staff I've dealt with so far ahven't been very helpful,or organised. i've had numerous letters telling me I haven't set up my direct debits etc when they've already had two payments!
As for my personal tutor, I sent him an email in October and I'm still awaiting a response. Also still waiting on a response from the OU on changing tutors as mine is clearly going to be of no help at all. So yeah, so far not impressed at all. Feels like I'm wasting £600 :cry:
I am very surprised at the service you have received from the OU. My husband and I both have OU degrees and my daughter and her partner are both doing them now.

I agree that what has happened to you is not good. Have you spoken to someone in authority? When OU is working well it is great.

Irene xx

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