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Opinons (sp?) please


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I have been over my money situation and have found that i cant afford to ss anymore, so I was wondering if anyone had any advice, I know many or maybe all of you will just advise me to move yp the steps so i eat, but i am frightened to as wont stop eating, so i was wondering how will it effect my diet and my losses if I have one cd shake and then 2 slimfast sakes? or 2 cd shakes and 1 slimfast one even? You all going to probably advise i either stop cd a while until I can afford it or go up the steps but like I said I don't want to have food. Or how would it effect me if I only lived of 2 cd shakes?
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I think you need a cdc for this one Nessa, but I think with slimfast they are much higher in carbs so you would probably come out of ketosis. You would still lose weight cause of the low calories but will feel hungry as you are not being protected by ketosis.

As far as having two shakes a day, Im sure the official advice will be no as you are not getting 100% nutrition, but if you think back to what you were eating before CD im sure you wouldnt have been getting 100% nutrition then either.

Its a tough one mate. I wouldnt like to have your dilemma. Is there nothing else that you can cut back on so that you can still afford to do CD properly?


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No there is nothing i have that i can cut back on, I don't smoke, I dont drink, I don't go out, I dont go to the pub and the child tax credit people have cut my money down to £9 a week. Partner wont give me money towards the diet as he is totally against it, so really I am stuffed.


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
I really feel for you Nessa as you have done so well these last few weeks.

If you like being in ketosis you can just try to eat as low carb as possible, but watch the calories as well.

Its really important to work through the stages though otherwise your glycogen stores will fill straight back up and you will gain 7 - 10lbs in a couple of days.

Good Luck Nessa. I hope you find a solution.


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Hi nessa.. sorry to hear ur situation.. but slimfast does'nt have the vit's and nutriant's that ur body need's, it could make u ill. YOu should think about going up the plan's.. it would be much healthier.


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can u not go over to atkins style eating? surely having CD AND slimfast would be just as spendy as only doing cd? atkins would keep u in ketosis at least.

my plan would be to really talk to partner about supporting u thru cd diet...financially and emotionally. surely he wants u to be happy? my hubby is dead against CD as well but a good few tears and telling him how much it meant to me worked a treat. ooo im so manipulative but they were genuine tears lol. best of luck. xxx

Mrs Roch

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When I got diagnosed with PCOS when i was trying for my DS, I was told by another suffer to try Atkins.. I lost over 3st in just under 4 months and then saw a herbalist - I fell for my son naturally within 7 months... I did try and avoid the very fatty foods but did have lots of fish and chicken and salad..

One of my herbalists key strengths was nutrition and she agreed with a lot of the Atkins diet but help me introduce things like brown rice etc..

I think I've still got the book if you'd like it or I'm sure you'd pick it up cheap these days on Amazon or second hand book shops..

I bought the book, read it over the weekend, went shopping on the Monday and started it on the Tuesday religiously.. like any diet (CD included) you have to be strict with yourself, keep your goals in sight and follow the guidelines..

Might be worth a go...

Good Luck with whatever you do - it's upsetting your OH can't support you...
Hi Nessa,

How about 'economizing' on your partner's food for a while - I'm sure that with a bit of additional effort and imagination on your part you should be able to shave sufficient off his weekly food bill to enable you to continue to do the diet. Switch him onto meatloaf, buy a cheaper brand of sausage and 'fill him up on pasta'!!!! You can also shop later in the day and buy the food they are selling off. He need never know.

His refusal to support you really irritates me - whatever the rationale. So I think you need to enable yourself!!

I know that it isn't always easy for some people to find £30 + a week (just for myself!!!!) but if you take account of what it will cost to 'feed' you on normal foods for a week I think it unlikely that there will be much of difference - unless you are going to reduce yourself to eating cheap and unhealthy foods.

Come on girl - you need to find a way!!


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I will look into the atkins diet, never thought about doing that?
Sorry you're having to change but I think a low-carb diet is best, as others have said.

Only thing is it might work out more expensive - meat, fish & veg may be more than CD. But if your partner gives you enough to get food he agrees with then probably the best way forward.

Good luck.

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