Orange Water Flavouring


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:) Hello.. I'm sure this is ok, but just wanted to double check anyways!! Just like me my daughter (age 6) is addicted to anythign orange flavoured and I am wondering if it is ok to give her a little of the WF in her drink? It owuld only be a pinch really and I know that the shakes etc can be used for nutrition so would technically be 'safe' to let her try as well and tust wanted to check on the WF.....any ideas?!:)
Looked at the ingredients and don't think it will do her any harm to try some Kazz. Although will get expensive if she likes it! Has got aspartame in though ... so maybe not too oftern!
Personally I wouldn't, as its pretty much just sweetners, and I don't mind having it myself, but I dont like giving it to my children if at all possible, it makes kids really hyper.
I'm sure one time will be fine though.
Its only as bad as giving children diet coke etc.
Hope she doesn't bounce of the walls !!:p
my cdc gives it to her grankids. I add it to a 2litre bottle of water and just keep pouring it out when im thirsty. I really like the flavour. It will definitely help me consuming 4 litres, now the water is flavoured!