Oriental chilli soup!


Hiya .... been reading some of your other posts ... whats the bootcamp thing about? Would love to know more! :eek:)

Boot Camp is where a group of us get together, rent a big property and go and SS for the weekend :cool: You bring packs, books, games, DVDs, etc. There are workshops (not compulsory), generally a pool or hot-tub, and it's just an opportunity to go away with fellow minded individuals and not be the odd one out for not eating! ;)
When and where is the next bootcamp? I'd love to go as I need a kick up my big arse!
Does that mean I'm not welcome? :(
Course you would be...its open to everyone! Next one after this will get sorted pretty quickly knowing those that organise it they all come back feeling really motorvated (sp).

Like you Cah-ching I need a kick up the backside to get moving and this would have been the best thing for me. But I couldn't make this one. You could always go on the Wemitts Birmingham weekend on 25th November if you need a kick soon!

Kam x
Is there info on this anywhere? Birmingham is easy to get to!
It's cool. I can get to the Bham meet. I drive.