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OT but very strange goings on


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I moved into the house I'm in about 4 months ago so haven't really go to know the neighbours too well yet.

The lady that used to live in my house was very friendly with the elderly man living next door and her two young girls stay over with him every Saturday night. Personally I always thought that was a bit wrong but (shrugs shoulders) eh! She's the mother.

Anyway Tuesday morning the Police were on our street. A van and two cars. My neighbour's car wasn't around so he must have been out. The police left - didn't see what they did whilst they were here.

Tuesday afternoon I came home to find a police car parked outside his house and a policeman inside the car. I asked him "Is there anything I need to know? Can I let my kids play out or do I need to be concerned?" He assured me all was fine, it was nothing drastic.

At 6pm Tuesday he is relieved by a policewoman. So at 9pm I phoned the police and asked what was going on. I was told the policewoman was just waiting for my neighbour to return so she could speak to him. He didn't return and she left sometime in the night.

Then, yesterday afternoon a police car again outside his house. Two policemen get out, take a big brown empty paper sack from the back of the car and enter his house. He wasn't there. They stayed 3 hours and were in the bedroom next to mine for a good bit of that moving things around. They left as I was putting baby to bed so didn't get to see what they took with them (LOL I know, I'm a curtain twitcher).

Neighbour has still not turned up.

Strange isn't it? Any ideas?
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it doesnt sound good at all!!

sharon kim

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sounds very strange and im with you id never have let my kids stay over at a mans house no matter how long he had lived next door , it might be some thing inocent but very strange keep us informed lol yes curtain twitchers all of us


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Weird but be careful & keep your lil ones safe//close till you know wats going on xx
Could be something as boring as hes been reported missing. Several cars there initially because they were forcing entry - not unusual to have a car whos sent to the call there, then a supervisor goes then someone trained in forcing entry- that could account for the 3 cars. Theyve possibly then decided against it for the time being and left.

The sitting around could have been as simple as waiting for a joiner later to open the door and resecure it once it had been checked. That can take a ridiculous amount of time and theyd hope he came home in the meantime.

Returning the next day if they took things in as opposed to taking things away, again could be boring they may have taken stuff if they were searching. If they had a joiner gain entry the police will then hold keys to the house til the householder is traced

Most police activity is a lot less interesting than people expect it to be ;) Believe me lol


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Well the rumours are now all over the village. They are that he has been arrested in relation to kiddie porn.

Now whilst I don't believe anything till I get it from source, I am concerned because the last peado that was outed here was murdered and his house set on fire. I live next door to this guy :eek: Even if the rumours aren't true people may start acting on them. What if they mistake my house for his?


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Well my neighbour has been charged with 5 counts of child molestation.

What really gets me is that the woman who used to live here put her girls in that situation where they were open to that abuse :mad: (they stayed over with him every Saturday night whilst she went on the raz).


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Thats terrible. But thank goodness they caught him.
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that is so sad. Those poor little, innocent girls. Their Mum must feel so guilty. People are so trusting. I used to be but the news opens your eyes to things. A boy I went to school with and thought was ok just got 10 years for being part of one of the biggest peodo rings discovered in the UK. It made me realise that anyone could be something awful behind closed doors. You have to be so careful – frightening.


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That is truly awful, but at least he has been caught! I love a good old curtain twitch, but nothing that interesting happens where I live, lol. It's an awful shame the girls who used to live in your house had to suffer, but at least you can sleep easier at night now knowing your children are safe :) x


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:eek: OMG!! Thats terrible!!! These things really put me on edge. You cant trust any one these days. Its awful!

Hope you and you family are ok. I know id be really shaken as im sure everyone else would be too.

Big hugs

Love katie


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I just feel so angry at what those girls went through. And I feel anxious that he may get bail and return home. Or return home after he serves a sentence. Also I hope there is no trouble here when people find out his address :(

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