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OT Cooking programmes


I love cooking programmes is anyone the same. My hubby cant believe I am still watching them when I am not aloud to eat.

Today I have watched Ready Steady Cook while doing the ironing. Come Dine with me while the rest were eating tea. Kitchen Criminals on soon. Later Resturant and that will be followed by Hells Kitchen.

Monday was Nigella and I am upset that I miss Jamie because I have to go to my LL session but i try and catch him on Sky another time.

Then when I remember I pop onto UK food on Sky and see what is cooking there.

Do you think I have a food obsession good job I am getting some :psiholog:
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I like watching the cooking programmes too and sorry but Jamies programme was great the other day!! Plus there was a fab programme after called Cook Yourself Thin which had low calorie versions of favourite foods. The presenters/format was a bit annoying but the food looked very good and healthy, might buy the book for after LL!!


Gone fishing
I watched Nigella express this week. Oh my, if I was a fella I'd fall madly in love with her :D

Here's a woman who looks like a woman. All nice and curvy, rather than like a tall but underdeveloped girl;)

And her food...so unpretentious, but positively delish. She even looks sexy eating it
I too watch them and I've also bought more cookery books since starting this diet than I'd ever bought before!


has started again!!
Me too!

I am the same! I love reading cookery books, and I am often to be found watching UKTV FOOD. At the mo, I am into watching the Barefoot Contessa!!!

I also buy Good Food mag every month, and am thinking of subscribing to it (again....let my previous subscription lapse about 6 months ago!). Oddly, I have just subscribed to the LL mag too!!

My LLC calls it tranferrence !!??!!


has started again!!
Well, now I have subscribed to the Good Food mag, £15 for 6 months, and the Nigella Express cookbook thrown in as a free gift!

I am quite content with that one! I am hoping that my newly rekindled love of cooking will continue and become a love of cooking "healthily" after all this LL shenanigans is over.

And as for today, well today I have mostly been pickling eggs, ready for the festive season!!! (Wont say the C word just yet!!LOL!)

Happy cooking everyone!!:sigh:

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