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Wishus' Not Quite Wegetarian Wampire Food Diary

Hello everyone. So excited to be an approved member!

This heat makes me not want to eat much at all, but I know from experience, it's a trap!
I started last week at 12 stone 3, just in the obese zone and I have been very carefully food optimising. Which has meant no cider! In this weather! It's a crime...

Also, strange for an ex veggie, looking round mini M&S when I have been stuck for lunch, and coming out with the odd combo of plain chicken pieces and a banana. Gonna have to get organized, and stay organized.

Yesterday's food looks a bit haphazard.

Breakfast: chicken (leftover from odd lunch), nectarine and fat free Greek yogurt.
Dashed to allotment to save lettuce and plant carrots.
Lunch: looks like it was fat free Greek yogurt and some mango sorbet 3 syns.
Manic house vacuuming and un-hording exercise, to throw away some tatty Christmas papers and rubbish that had been accumulating. Added to ironing pile. Watched Hannah Gadsby's Nanette on Netflix. I thought it was great, but hubby didn't like it when she started shouting.
Dinner: chicken of China, Chinese chicken, with HEB cashews. Lots of veggies, and plain rice.
More syns: a gin and some Pinot (in bath!) 9
12 syns for the day... Refused more booze while we watched an episode of Versailles.
HEA was milk in tea, but only had 3 mugs, so didn't finish it.

Today, I have to go to Dorset for a lunchtime thing, 2.5 hour drive, no idea how I am going to fit the diet in, as we would have taken a homemade picnic, but now have to give a lift to someone, and wouldn't have time to eat it. Going to get up and make an egg muffin breakfast, and will take apples and plenty pop.
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I was right, yesterday was a struggle... and the venue had a cafe with pasties and beautiful chocolate cakes. Alas, nothing for me.
What a beautiful day though! My event was great, and the views were stunning. Drove past Stonehenge and it looked amazing, all the people gazing up at it.

There were lots of street stalls about in the town for the festival, and it was very crowded, so due to time contstraints we couldn't do the pub lunch I'd envisaged, but we had a lovely meander and I got myself a tuna melt toastie from a van with as much veg in it as they could squeeze, estimated what I could HEB, what I could syn, and it left me just enough for a cheeky merlot near home.

Today, weighed myself - lost 6lbs! 11.10.6 :)

That is surprisingly good!

Today's breakfast - 2 of those muffins
Today's lunch tuna, cous cous, cucumber, baby plum toms, beetroot bistro salad leaves, red pepper
Pink lady apple
Dinner - not quite decided, but thinking prawns and cashews (HEB)
HEA milk.
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A bit of a fail yesterday as I found myself called to a meeting in town, and my hubby came out to find me, just before the match started. Well, it did seem like we were out anyway, so I overdid the wine, had chicken and chips for a very late meal, and can't remember what exactly I had... so slate wipe today. Except, I didn't prep my meals for today, so in an effort to stay as low syn as poss with the limited fayre at the station, plain noodles and broccoli for lunch and eggs and spinach for breakfast.

Got to get better!

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